Bubblenerd is a new clothing line that promotes the theme of eco-friendly clothing. To show the company’s commitment to going green, Bubblenerd has vowed to plant a tree for every purchase made. Recently, I had the blessed opportunity of communication with the founder of Bubblenerd, Matteo Repole, and found his perspective and ambition to be an amazing source of inspiration. Enjoy!

Warlock Asylum: Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions and share some insights about your new and exciting company and clothing line. Please introduce yourself. What is Bubblenerd and your role in the company?

Bubblenerd: Hi, I’m Matteo Repole, a 21-year-old Italian boy and the founder of Bubblenerd. Bubblenerd is a company born from a passion for creativity and for the planet! We sell totally ecological clothing and create augmented reality filters for Instagram profiles!

Warlock Asylum: What inspired the concept of Bubblenerd and how did you develop its ecological theme?

Bubblenerd: The concept of Bubblenerd was inspired by the desire that each of us has to express themselves, but sometimes we are blocked by something! We have developed an ecological theme because our planet needs us now, and even a small gesture makes a difference! Many small gestures made together can make a big difference! 

Warlock Asylum: What does Bubblenerd mean and why were these words used specifically as the keys to your brand?

Bubblenerd: The union of two words Bubble + Nerd. So far nothing in particular, but let’s analyze how we understood the union of these two words!

-Bubble stands for a bubble and represents ourselves, our way of being. Everyone has their own bubble and decides what to get out and what not to get out of it!

-Nerd instead has a particular meaning, corresponding to the acronym “no one evil really die”! 

Hence Bubblenerd was born, but what do these two words mean together? Our creativity and emotions are stopped by ourselves. We adapt to these situations and block what we really want to externalize. And here we have considered our emotions as a demon and ourselves as a bubble that keeps him in a cage!

We want to free that demon from our bubble! Our mission is to have a creative and ecological impact through our clothing and AR filters for Instagram! Our logo is a demon with bubbles and fully represents the meaning of Bubblenerd!

 Warlock Asylum: Is it really true that when a person buys a product from Bubblenerd a tree gets planted?

Bubblenerd: Absolutely yes, every order we receive will plant a tree through tree-nation.com! Everything is visible through our website (www.Bubblenerd.it). There are also numerical counters that tell you what impact we are having, thanks to the trees planted by us! Also, in a few weeks, our app will be ready, and we will plant a tree for each download to compensate for everything!

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the additional products offered by Bubblenerd besides clothing?

Bubblenerd: We create augmented reality filters for Instagram profiles at very low prices so everyone can have his own filter! Of course, for every filter we create, we plant a tree too! In addition, we also sell ecological products useful in daily life such as ecological bags and aluminum bottles (to decrease the use of disposable plastic bottles)!

Warlock Asylum: How does the quality of products produced by Bubblenerd compare with popular brands?

Bubblenerd: Our products are of high quality and comparable with any brand. We try to offer a product as useful as possible to the planet! Furthermore, one of our goals is to use virtual reality to create t-shirts that are outside the box!

A good part of our products is Stanley / Stella which is a Belgian brand, famous for offering products that respect man, the environment, and customers. Their clothes are more authentic, more responsible, produced in a more humane, more ethical, more ecological way. Obviously, we aim to improve the quality, quantity, and try to create a community of people fond of what surrounds them; the center of Bubblenerd is the planet and its people!

Warlock Asylum: What has the feedback been like for Bubblenerd and its innovative theme been since the company’s beginnings?

Bubblenerd: From the beginning, we had really positive feedback. We listened to people’s ideas from the beginning! It all started about two weeks after Bubblenerd began, but we feel that the people who follow us fully understand what we are trying to do! Obviously, it is difficult to make everyone understand the importance of the small gestures we make every day towards our planet! The road is long, but we will do our best!

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from Bubblenerd in the future? Any final thoughts?

Bubblenerd: For the future, we plan to involve as many people as possible both in Italy and around the world to succeed in our mission and to make it clear that NOW is the time to change your attitude towards our planet! Thank you for listening to me. It was a pleasure to speak with you!

 A thought that I want to leave for everyone is this: It’s time to change! Together, we can! Our planet is so beautiful, really small actions in everyday life are enough to do your part!

Warlock Asylum: Thank you very much for your time and insights. Bubblenerd is equally as beautiful and idea as it is effective – all the best! Cheers!

Bubblenerd Website


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