As a true visionary and inspiring soul, artist Candi Sparkles brings a certain synergy to each and every experience that her heart has encountered. She uses her artistic capabilities to transcend the evils of dogma and doubt with a timeless statement on the value of love, self-love, and healing. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to interview Candi and listen to some of the incredible perspectives that has shaped life. Enjoy!


Warlock Asylum: Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview and sharing some of your life’s perspective with our readers. Before we begin, please introduce yourself. Who is Candi Sparkles?

Candi Sparkles: The Soul of Candi Sparkles is… She is always a tiny little girl at heart with a big bright spirit, who wants to see everyone shine in their own beautiful light while shining herself. I truly believe I’m such an intricate part, as is everyone, of Creation, ever so created in a unique mold and filled with love. I’m a girl so thankful for my creativity because it’s an incredible outlet for so many things. I’m like water & honey, moving and flowing; a bit stormy or choppy at times but mostly just a chill gorgeous place to reflect & honey because of its healing nature. All I truly want is for everything to know they are loved deeply. So through my art, I do my utmost to display this intention.

Warlock Asylum: Tell us a little bit about your background. What was your life like growing up?

Candi Sparkles: It was tragically beautiful! I say that because it wasn’t always a place of love, support, or safety. But I had angels-my Ama and Afi aka my grandparents-who are more like actual parents. They are truly the most precious souls in the world and always helped me the best they could.

As you grow, you learn and start to realize just how empty a heart can feel; feeling like an unwanted enigma rather than a sweet wild little being learning the meaning of who she is and what she wants. Instead of being told to give up by schoolteachers, let’s just say I was the little bouncy, happy, love-everyone girl. Yet, I was still finding myself sitting alone, being ignored or bullied by other girls, and then going home to the same vibes.

Nothing is perfect. I learned a lot very early on. I had my own mind and was shamed for it, speaking, sharing, expecting support became beyond foreign. So, I left tragedies and emptiness to find epically loving pastures; where I could be the person I needed to be for my health and healing. I found the love of Yashiya and my path is so brilliantly unimaginably beautifully filled! My past has not shaped my future and not giving up on love has done that.

Warlock Asylum: How did you discover the artistry within your being?

Candi Sparkles: All the alone time! Lol! No honestly, I have always been creating, taking photos, drawing, and painting since forever. Artistry has been a beautiful seed planted deeply within me since my spirits beginning. I needed to stop fearing the voices of bitter insecure souls screaming at me. It’s sad they are terrified of what they may see when looking at themselves realizing they have differed from their dreams and passions and seeing me do mine is angering, frustrating to grasp as a soul in that merry-go-round state of being. I don’t get mad at those souls. I pray they find the strength to do as I have and go for it-believe in love-then love who you are without being mad at who some else is. I discovered me locked up in the whispers of my soul and I set her free!

Warlock Asylum: What were some of the personal challenges that you had to overcome in order to make your career path a reality?

Candi Sparkles: “Salute to overcoming! It is a very lucrative business! Lol! Wonderful question. Well, forgiveness. I don’t have any issue with forgiving others but learning to forgive myself has been a very rocky pathway at times. My best life is happening the moment I say it is, every morning I rise to see another new bold gorgeous day, rain, or shine love is always been on time!

Warlock Asylum: Your work as an artist has taken on many forms, such as modeling, photography, and illustration. Do you have a favorite among all these talents?

Candi Sparkles: I completely enjoy every moment with each experience. I feel as they all deserve a bunch of favorite sparkles because each of them always brings me gifts. Some give you more confidence, some humility. Yet others make you rest, while some make you think and so on. I get excited to brave the art realm that’s in this mind/soul on a daily basis. It’s better than any movie! Lol!

Warlock Asylum: A lot of your work seems to capture themes of the divine feminine, nature, and rebirth. How would you describe some of the messages that you try to convey through your work?

Candi Sparkles: First, I always want to convey love. As life is all about rebirth, breathing in our true natures, recognizing your simplicity and yet your complexity. For me, seeking out the divine in which I was created has been magnificently brightening. Knowing that I am truly immersed in love is something beautiful. It’s an amazing experience to have each day. So, my work conveys my heart’s message of affections and afflictions spun into what you see! Pieces of me in another art form aside from this physical body that the Father Ahayah has so uniquely designed then broke the mold. My message will be about goodness and how the balance of life, love, and faith is the most important puzzle piece; without them, you can have a not so satisfying end result. I want everyone to have a heavenly-dreamy-fantastic result as much as possible.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the lessons that you’ve learned from your art?

Candi Sparkles: Just damn do it! Lol! No worries. It’s an all fun free-spirited dive dance; jump swing, sing, simply put, feel it, feel your life, feel it in everything you embrace. Breathe it in. Absolutely don’t skimp on being who you are created to be for anyone. Don’t cave in when they hate, mistreat, you keep smiling and pressing forward. You are loved by Divine love and you love you. That needs to be enough. The rest follows; the peace of mind, friends, who are your family now, whoever so love, support, and cherish your uniqueness. That’s the canvas to play on.

Warlock Asylum: Can you share with us some examples of how your art has impacted the lives of others?

Candi Sparkles: I will do a copy & paste to share a few small beautiful messages sent to me to answer this question:

“Soul Sparkles, I love your stuff & I’ve seen that divine force Yashiya you speak about, please don’t stop your creativity it inspires me to put that mirror up & deal so I can do what I love too!”-K.Edwards

“I can’t believe it, I just came across your page! Wow, you see things in a very cool way! Keep it up👍🏻 “C.J.

“I love who I am! Sparkles, I finally get it, thank you for being strong & sharing you with us all! I support you girl!”S.Andoza

My Instagram page is a bit mixed with art and little proverbs, full of loving supportive messages, for anyone who needs or wants them. My artist website page is full of visual yummies that don’t leave you starving but epically energized for adventures and then ready to rest up for a new fabulous day! I’m so thankful for these and the other kindnesses I’ve received. However many or few, it is always about quality in my book.

The Artwork of Candi Sparkles

Warlock Asylum: How can people access your art and to what extent is it available to the public?

Candi Sparkles: My online artist gallery is welcoming. It’s a come one-come all place to buy any of my pieces, even ones from my Instagram page. All new projects will be released on my artist website first then to IG. I have a few new webpages coming soon so I’ll be giving that info via IG when the time comes. Look out for that!

Warlock Asylum: Where do you see Candi Sparkles five years from now? Any new projects on the horizon? Final thoughts?

Candi Sparkles: Five years? Everywhere! Doing all sorts of wonderful things and exploring myself, giving the best of me to those who want it. Learning wonderful things from all the beautiful souls on earth, animals included. Being blessed and blessing others with love and kindness. There’s enough cruelty, judgment, and evil. I won’t be a part of it! Yes, there will always be new projects. I’m so filled with ideas. I’ll be skipping and clicking my heals with new goodies!

I love the gorgeous spirit family that Yashiya has given me, my husband who is one of my most precious, true and loyal supporters, and those precious souls of my Ama and Afi for loving me more than I could know and loving my hubby as their own son. They have been such a blessing! I have absolutely loved doing this interview with you, your so amazing my friend! I pray as I continue with this beautiful journey understanding that I don’t know everything, therefore, being always open to learning in love, goodness, truth, I see how plenty separates us, but the one thing that can unite us all is the true incomprehensible love of Love, that’s what always missing! I pray to bring life and love to everyone I encounter, that’s what most important to my soul may Yashiya bless us, the earth and all that is good in it. Hugs and Þakka þér fyrir, that is to say thank you in Icelandic!

^Thank you so much for spreading your light across the terrain of our readership. On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, I would like to wish you all the best in your artistic and spiritual endeavors. Salute!

Candi Sparkles Website


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