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Liar’s Notebook by Lace


The musical ideology Lace is found in their geographical footing of Los Angeles and South India origin. The group’s rich and highly innovative sound has birthed an amazing debut EP titled Liar’s Notebook. The new project possesses a very interesting theme, which according to Lace’s Bandcamp page centers around the “lies we believe, we tell ourselves and the ones that are told to us. The EP follows the protagonist into her journey as she creates worlds and safe spaces only to confront them later on in life”.

Musically, Lace is successful in their ability to translating the aforementioned them musically. Liar’s Notebook has a unique synergy that is exemplified by a warm and organic melody. Lead vocalist Mana Contractor is remarkable in her performance and adds a distinct naturalness to the EP. Elements of jazz, pop, and soul are wonderfully shaped by Liar’s Notebook’s instrumentation, which includes acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and sharp drumming. Liar’s Notebook is a wonderful journey into the world of neo-soul and beyond. This is a new EP by Lace that will always capture your heart.