As the brainchild of multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Millie Landrum and James Hesser, the musically-innovative group known as Waterplanet delivers its own fusion of folk-rock and psychedelic tapestry upon the release of the single “Girl” from the EP Never Far. Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, the group is known for its dreamy soundscapes and blunt lyrical prose.

The song Girl touches upon the precautions that women take to be accepted and avoid being used. In the song’s opening stanzas, we hear the words; “ cut out my tongue to spite my face, embrace the bitter taste of memory you leave behind.” Girl host a very hazy melody that is comprised of both acoustic and rhythm guitars, drum kit, and filtered bass. The room effects on the instrumentation make Waterplanet sound as if they are playing in the same room as the listener. Girl by Waterplanet is worth the ride.



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