Back in September 2020, I had the delightful experience of reviewing Vanilla Parfait by The Pierce Project. Comprised of members Joe Pierce, Jimmy Pierce, Luke Pierce, and Nick Pierce, The Pierce Project is a family of multi-instrumentalists with a love for solid musicianship and electro-pop. Songs For Emi is the title of the band’s new album and a work that captures the group’s musical ideology.

Songs For Emi is a full-length production consisting of twelve songs. The album begins appropriately with the celebration of newborn life with the joyous tune Hi Emylia. The song provides an excellent overview of the signature soundscape that is often utilized by The Pierce Project in its display of bright melodies and unique piano measures.

The Pierce Project invests heavily in creating strong lyrical content and witty hooks that keep the listener on the edge of their thinking seats. Songs like Brainwave Shutdown and Old Piano, along with other material, create a heavenly experience coupled with a retro sound of 60’s pop. Songs For Emi possesses a distinct sense of joy that makes a huge difference in our personal world, but also a sense of optimism similar to our favorite songs from yesteryear.


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