Kalen Hogan scores big with his new debut album titled Isolation. The talented musician and songwriter is cited as being inspired by the 90s grunge movement and alternative rock bands like Nirvana. After being under the tutelage of his musical uncle and watching him perform and write music, Kalen became a sensation on the Central Coast music scene. Amazingly, it is during his final year of high school that Kalen has released an incredible debut album titled Isolation.

Isolation is an 8-track journey filled with melodic brilliance and elements of Americana, folk-rock, classic rock, and pop music genius. The album’s continuity is strongly enforced by its instrumentation, the acoustic guitar is prominent throughout the project, along with robust drums and sharpened bass. The tracks are woven together by the synergy of the backing band.

Kalen has a great voice for the work that he puts forth. It’s You reveals Kalen’s depth as a singer and songwriter. The track possesses an endearing sense of romanticism. Another selection that unveils Kalen’s explosive creativity is Last Breath. However, it must be noted that all the selections on this album have a certain unique premise that many ill find outstanding. Isolation by Kalen Hogan is a masterful debut effort!

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