The first New Moon of 2021 arrives on Wednesday, January 13 at 12:00 AM EST (January 12th, 2021 in some parts of the world) at 23 degrees in the sign of Capricorn. It is certainly a time to reflect on our inner world and how this affects our outer world. It is a good time to analyze, and in some cases, rework strategies that will help us achieve our goals. Astrologically speaking, The New Moon is a time when the universe is most receptive to our intuitive voice.

One of the secrets of lunar contemplations is to remember that the intentions we put out during the New Moon are harvested when the Full Moon appears of that same zodiac sign. Thus, the intentions that we put out in this Capricorn New Moon 2021 will mature during the Capricorn Full Moon in June 2021. Capricorn is a very ambitious and grounded sign and helps to promote a strong focus on our goals and a practical means of bringing them into existence.

The Capricorn New Moon is conjunct Pluto, so one of the topics that it is good to pursue is your spiritual growth and development –  the soul lessons that the universe trying to convey to you.  Feel confident in what you want for yourself and avoid disappointments by not allowing catty opinions from others to destroy your plans. As long as you keep your personal values at the forefront of your aspirations, remarkable results will follow.

Organs: Knees, joints, backbone, spinal muscles, patella, bones, tendons and ligaments, skin, hair, spleen, the organ of balance.



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