Based out of Norway, Trondheim, musical artists Hellkey and MC-Loco come together for an epic EDM track titled Da Loco Hellboy. Although these two personas call Norway their home today, this unique fusion can certainly be attributed to their diverse backgrounds.

Hellkey is a classically trained pianist and keyboard player originally from Italy. He has worked extensively with rock and metal bands.  In many ways, Hellkey acts as an alter-ego and contrasting persona for much of the artistic work he has established in prior years. MC-Loco is a hip-hop vocalist, producer, and has developed his own recording label named Loco Productions. His distinct flavor of music ranges from aggressive bravado to introspective prose.

Da Loco Hellboy is an amalgamation of EDM, industrial rock, and metal. The track’s musical terrain is built upon elements of electronica within a rock metal structure. The composition is layered with a hard-edge beat, keyboards, filtered bass, and additional synthesized sounds that are bound to transport the listener to a world beyond.

Additionally, both MC-Loco and Hellkey contribute to the song’s vocal landscape with a performance not uncommon to a tenor screamer’s preferred choice of harmonization that we often hear in metal and underground forms of progressive rock. The vocal musings embedded into this collaboration certainly adds a great deal of visual imagery to Da Loco Hellboy’s winding transitions and colorful segments. Da Loco Hellboy is a sonic theatre on wheels and that’s why we love it.

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