Back in 2016, former adult entertainer Skin Diamond announced her departure from the porn industry in order to pursue a career in music as a singer and songwriter. Today, this multi-talented diva has reemerged as Raylin Joy and has captured the hearts of many by means of the passion that she puts into her music. Although Raylin’s career change sparked its own share of controversy, along with a few bent eyebrows, music lovers warmly embraced this ambitious effort after recognizing her unprecedented creativity and musical ingenuity.

Raylin Joy captivated the music world with an inventive fusion of electronica, pop, r&b, and soul, which can be clearly seen in songs like Fire, Karma, and Wet Dreams. Her musical debut unveiled a sensual form of musicality that is both innovative and enjoyable. A good time was had by all and the sound of her voice, music, and music videos remain in constant rotation in our headphones and psyche.

While some time has passed since we’ve heard anything new from the First Madame of Pop, Raylin has assured her fans that she is on the verge of releasing new music. As a matter of fact, she has gifted her fans with a sonic gem titled Nasty Drop. Raylin Joy provides a description of the song in the following words:

“But in the meantime, I am finally unveiling some old demos from the vault! Even though they aren’t the vibe of the new band’s jams, they are too good not to share. First of which is “Nasty Drop” produced by my old friend Shaun G. Clifford over at Chalice Recording Studios.”

Nasty Drop (Free Download)

Nasty Drop is a great offering, as the track’s structure really allows Raylin’s vocal range and texture to take center stage. The music is unique and seductive. The track begins with an acapella lead by Raylin with background harmonization and overdubs. Our attention is further entranced by the song’s lucid bassline and synthesized riffs. Additional voice samples are very enchanting, but it is the song’s experimental structure that proves to be a strong reminder of Raylin’s skies-the-limit approach in everything that she does.  Nasty Drop by Raylin Joy is certainly a glimpse of a beautiful musician and singer that is en route to becoming a household name. Thank you once again!