The Emmy Award-winning singer and songwriter Shaun Johnson and the stunning musical craftsmanship of The Big Band Experience ignite the world once again with their new album titled “Made for Her”. This is one musical entourage that exemplifies the innovativeness of the live band experience that is the bedrock for many popular genres.

Made for Her is a work of melodic art that is comprised of eight tracks. Beginning with the avant-garde tune Sing Me Anything, to the album’s concluding offering Multiplied By Two, Shaun Johnson + The Big Band Experience have successfully created a work of art that uniquely infuses a retro atmosphere into its enthralling rhythms, which give Made for Her its liveliness and free-spirited musical structure that perfectly complements the romantic themes that reinforced throughout the life of the project. Expect more than expected from Made for Her by Shaun Johnson + The Big Band Experience.