The synergy of the multi-talented Blind Uncle Harry continues to emerge from the depths of the music world. His new single American Way embodies a signature sound that amazingly reflects Blind Uncle Harry’s wide range of influences, which include personages from the likes of Weird Al to Paul Simon.

American Way has a crisp sound and is a working fusion of both Americana and folk music styles. The track is led by some distinct acoustic guitar strums that foster its stirring melody, which also includes drums and a rich bassline. Blind Uncle Harry complements this funky groove with sarcastic, yet meaningful lyrical prose that draws upon the hypocrisies we find in American life today.

American Way is a stunning tune and represents some of Blind Uncle Harry’s best work. It gives life to the freedoms that America once represented by comparing these values with our present state. American Way by Blind Uncle Harry should inspire us to make this land a better place to live.