Originally from Woodstock, New York – musician and somatic therapist Luis Mojica has released a new album titled Songs From The Land. This 10-track treasure chest of organic melody is a phenomenal work. The new project is available on all digital platforms and will also be released on disc in March 2022.

Songs From The Land is a mystical journey wherein we find Luis Mojica unveiling the innermost workings of his heart and mind for a rhythmic spiritual experience. Luis has issued forth a bohemian vibe with an acoustic sound. The soulful premise of his voice really breathes life into the album as a whole, but definitely shines on tracks like Colonized and All In Awe. Many of the songs bend towards a crisp folk-rock sound that is blended with Americana roots music.

Songs From The Land is an eclectic album as it embraces a Native American perspective that often goes unnoticed and also gives a voice to a land that has witnessed centuries of high and lows but is now able to speak.