Third Development returns to the musical arena with a new album entitled The Thought of Tomorrow. The Canadian-based band has a knack for birthing acoustic gems and their newest offering is no exception. The Thought of Tomorrow consists of nine compelling tracks.

The album opens its doors to our mind’s eye with the cerebral vibes of the title track The Thought of Tomorrow. The song sets the tone for Third Development’s perfected approach to recording and the brilliance of what is to follow. The Thought of Tomorrow is a rich encounter with an amalgamated sound that is equally inventive. The vocals are hypnotic and passionate. Songs like Moving Through Light and Curious Waves are stirring testimonies of Third Development’s inventiveness amid the album’s hypnotic terrain.

The Thought of Tomorrow by Third Development stands in a class of its own. The production and vocalization are crisp and equally refreshing. Third Development has crafted a new dimension for their musicality that will continue to enchant audiences for quite some time.