Based out of Iceland, singer and songwriter Jón Þór Helgason aka Weekendson has put together a remarkable self-titled album. Weekendson has an undying passion for music and works as a professional sound engineer. Weekendson’s new album of the same name “Weekendsonz’ is a sterling testimony of his creative genius.

Weekendson is an eclectic rock album that is comprised of ten tracks. The project shines forth with some exceptionally profound instrumentation and equally inventive melodies. Weekendson is able to dive deep into his own intimate murmurings that are similar to our own. Weekendson is an honest look at life from the songwriter’s perspective alone and in that we find this album to be infallible.

Weekendson Track by Track Review

Dark – The track begins with very cerebral overtones. It’s a slow-tempo groove that gradually eases you into its vibe with hypnotic drums. The song picks up its essence with acoustic guitar strums. Weekendson comes with the perfect tone and vocal for the song. Dark holds to the theme of self-honesty and putting the cards on the table sort to speak. Later in the track, we are treated to a fabulous break in the latter part of the tune.

Liar -Filled with elements of folk-rock Liar takes off like a rocket with strong guitar riffs and a riveting melody. This is Weekendson at his finest. The track’s lyricism is structured in Dylan-like fashion and covers the topic of internal strife. Liar is made whole by some outstanding drumming.

Syncless – Somewhat of a ballad that has pop-rock appeal, Weekendson sings with a menacing analytical approach that is appropriate for the song’s message. As evident for the track’s title, Syncless is an honest cry for relief from an unfruitful relationship. Though a subject of such nature certainly carries a lot of despair, Weekendson is able to keep things hopeful.

Easily Alone – At this point in the album one can determine that Weekendson is a conceptual piece of work, especially when we look at how each of the songs on the album relates to each other. At this stage in Weekendson’s sonic manifesto, we find an introspective look inside the psychology that what many call their own. Easily Alone possesses a vibrant rock purist sound that is enjoyable and equally captivating.

Hero – An excellent song that opens with a bright rhythmic groove. Hero has a warm organic vibe that illustrates the charms of raw instrumentation. Hero is also the first song in the progression of the album wherein we find Weekendson singing from the perspective of the viewer.

My Friend – Amazingly, Weekendson is able to draw from elements of folk music to bring forth a brilliant rock song. My Friend also features the craftsmanship of the fiddle, which adds a layer of depth to the overall composition. My Friend is an instant favorite.

True Love – In terms of subject matter, Weekendson brings things full circle with an elegant track about finding true love. The song turns out to be a lovely duet that is wonderfully produced and follows a swing music model.

Broken – One of my favorite tracks on the album. Weekendson has put together a brisk and soulful testimony that bears witness to his internal side of being. The track features some great harmonies and a fascinating rhythmic guitar lead.

The Father – A touching offering from Weekendson , which discusses the complexities had between a father and son. The music is very captivating and proves to be one of the strongest gems on the album.

Daughter Dearest – Weekendson concludes this masterful work with an endearing song for his daughter. The track is very moving and displays some marvelous harmonies and an extremely delightful melody.

Weekendson’s self-titled album proves to be an incomparable piece of art for the ages. Weekendson has a way of piercing into our hearts and minds with songs that open us up internally and take us space where we can all the world from this very same vantage point and for that we are forever grateful.

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