As an author, entrepreneur, mentor, and writer, Patrick Ratchford has become a spark of inspiration for thousands who have successfully applied his wisdom and transformed their lives into the dream they seek to lead. He has achieved many honors and I cannot thank him enough agree to this interview. I’m sure you will find his wisdom very inspiring. Enjoy!


Warlock Asylum: Thank you so much for your time and for sharing a glimpse of your life and insights with our readers today. Please introduce yourself. Who is Patrick Ratchford?

Patrick Ratchford: A free-spirited individual who is on a journey through this experience that we call life.

Warlock Asylum: What was your childhood and environment like growing up?

Patrick Ratchford: Supportive, but firm childhood,  which has aided me in my adult life.

Warlock Asylum: How did your path as an entrepreneur unfold?

Patrick Ratchford: As a child, I would often go selling things from door-to-door, anything from candles to flavored popcorn and newspapers. This experience demonstrated to me that if I wanted something out of life I had to go out and get it.

Warlock Asylum: What were some of the obstacles that you had to overcome in order to make your life as an entrepreneur possible?

Patrick Ratchford: Comfort zones, overcoming procrastination, and associating with ambitious positive individuals.

Warlock Asylum: As an entrepreneur, why did you feel the need to incorporate motivational speaking into your work?

Patrick Ratchford: I realized that the foundation of my success was maintaining my motivation, so I sought to aid others in that pursuit.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the principles that you’ve learned in your travels that you try to impart to others?

Patrick Ratchford: Meditation (any alone time will do, walking, exercise, reading, deep breathing, don’t be afraid of the label) Goal setting-short term-long term and levels of rewards for yourself when those goals are achieved. And learn to expect obstacles, anticipate them when you can, but when you can’t, don’t be discouraged. This is life so seek out solutions till the goal is achieved or reevaluated.

Warlock Asylum: How have your relationships with family and friends evolved since you’ve embarked upon your path?

Patrick Ratchford: Very few relationships that I started in the early days have continued. We tend to outgrow some individuals as we seek our own truth in business as well as in life. That being said, there is a core of individuals and family members that have progressed in this journey with me.

Warlock Asylum: Can you give us a little insight into your career as a writer?

Patrick Ratchford: At a very young age, I was in the habit of keeping a journal. It was this consistency in keeping a journal that helped me lead me naturally to writing professionally. Additionally, an early mentor had commented that I may not want to speak and travel at some point in my career, so I should put my thoughts and philosophies down in writing. Not to mention that clients and associates were urging me to do the same.

Warlock Asylum: How many books have you written and on what subjects?

Patrick Ratchford: Two books to date and one audio cd. One book leans towards entrepreneurial success and the other text focuses more on individual success. The audio cd covers both, as it shares some principles found in the two writings.

Warlock Asylum: What feedback have you received thus far from your readers?

Patrick Ratchford: Quite receptive. I’ve even been approached in casinos, malls, and restaurants. The feedback has been very powerful.

Warlock Asylum: In today’s world it appears that a lot of young people have gotten caught up in earning money through underhanded schemes and the crime world. As a successful businessman, what advice would you give to those who take the fast track to earn money illegally? Why is honesty the best policy?

Patrick Ratchford: The fast life may look exciting while watching it in a movie, as many of us are fans of Scarface and The Godfather. But we have to remember that these are movies, which seek to glamorize this lifestyle. In real life, who actually wants to look over their shoulder all the time and have someone else start their car for them.

You can have a look at our overcrowded prisons and clearly see that most people are not good at leading a life of crime. Life is challenging enough on its own merits without having other legal challenges on top of that to stress you out. When success is achieved legitimately, there isn’t a risk of it being taken away from you due to illegality.


Warlock Asylum: You’ve also appeared in ‘music videos, television talk, and entertainment shows, and was successfully involved in radio broadcasting’. How did these experiences enrich your life today?

Patrick Ratchford: The experiences made me more of a well-rounded person, enabling me to relate to more businesses and individuals. It’s aided a great deal in giving me a vaster understanding of different communities.

Warlock Asylum: Another amazing feature of your life story is that you were awarded as New Mexico’s Man of the Year 1989. How did it feel to receive such an honor?

Patrick Ratchford: Well, it certainly set the tone for the rest of my career and also set the  “bar” rather high. Lol! It also helps me empathize with my female counterpart who had a similar experience.

Warlock Asylum: Not only have you achieved an amazing level of success, but you have shared with many others your formula and life insights so that they can reach greater prosperity in their lives. Can you share with us at least one example of a success story that you inspired?

Patrick Ratchford: The ones that come to mind are from successful sales representatives at Fortune 500 companies earning what they’re worth, to entrepreneurs that are currently dominating their respective industries, to relationships of couples that have updated me with their continued union, to the occasional texts displaying new homes, cars, and checks. They attribute their prosperity to the principles they’ve acquired through my insights and teachings.

Warlock Asylum: Where do you see Patrick Ratchford five years from now? Any final thoughts?

Patrick Ratchford: Constantly in pursuit of my best self, as I encourage others to do the same. While most likely walking the beaches off the coast of Southern Thailand….

On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, we would like to wish Patrick Ratchford all the best in his endeavors. Salute!


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