Originating from the Philadelphia area comes a synergetic hard rock trio known as The Age of Ore. The group has been active since 2016. Since this time, The Age of Ore has procured a unique heavy metal sound, writing their own material. The Age of Ore members range from ages 14 to 17, which is truly amazing. The group’s latest endeavor is a 5-song EP titled Malevolent.

The Age of Ore’s new EP is full of attitude and rhythmic aggression from start to finish. The project opens with a dynamic track titled Wings of Steel. The heavy guitar riffs and blunt groove makes this take-off track the perfect calling card for what is to follow.

The ironclad and textured riffs culminate in the closing track called Forsaker. This closing tune is a nice touch to Malevolent’s brisk and rugged journey. The great thing is that The Age of Ore is all about the music as seen in their most benefic testimony Malevolent.


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