The ingenious sounds of musician, singer and songwriter Jon Fuller come to fruition once again in a new album titled When Did You Get So Damn Scared. Fuller’s latest offering is set for release on April 29th, 2022.

When Did You Get So Damn Scared is a journey that encompasses twelve tracks amid a mixture of digital and organic instrumentation. Musically, the listener will enjoy unwrapping a free-spirited, bright, and sincere effort that explores themes of day-to-day living in a crisp and refreshing manner.

The album opens with an adventurous track called Voice, which has a unique musical structure and fabulous vocalization. Aside from being an excellent musician, Jon Fuller keeps our attention captured with his excelling style of lead and harmonization.  We are eventually led down into the rabbit hole of this pop music paradise with songs like Stepping Stone and Lie Yourself To Sleep. The basis of When Did You Get So Damn Scared is highly due to Jon Fuller’s inventiveness that creatively adds a bit of spice to many of the musical arrangements and exotic instruments, but also dynamic melodies. When Did You Get So Damn Scared by Jon Fuller is progressive rock music at its finest.




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