Award-winning recording artist and multi-talented pop-folk sensation Stacy Gabel will releases her new EP titled Straight to Voicemail on January 27th, 2023. The new project is comprised of five tracks that wonderfully express Stacy Gabel’s creativity and musical wittiness.

Straight to Voicemail opens with its title track, which is sure to catch the listener’s attention based on novelty of its theme. This upbeat charmer is about a woman’s avoidance of man who crosses the line with pet names. Stacy performs a great lead vocal over the bright melody.

The new release possesses a very textured musical landscape that exemplified with such powerful songs like Stir Crazy (see review), which was previously released as a single and the harmonic Sunny Days. Straight to Voicemail by Stacy Gabel exceeds all expectations.


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