It is not enough to believe in a divine power, just know that every generation born into this world innately has the strength and mindset to live forever. But then, there is some horrific event that occurs every twenty years, like the 9/11 tragedy, which appears to cause a shift in the consciousness of the young people of that era, where they begin to settle down. It’s sort of like a class of angelic undertakers begin to escort the generation of the day off the world stage and into a new phase of life.

Engrossed in the uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring, these newborn fearmongers are given the same script that their parents and grandparents once possessed. Everything from economical changes to a declining state of entertainment are mingled into their conversations about the weather. And the grim reaper will appear as a once-upon-a-time blonde haired woman now turned gray, who’ll capture all your complaints said about this world with a smile and a soft response in a raspy voice and sigh of “yeah, I know.” Little do the vocally disgruntled understand that their harsh view of reality is recorded as prayers and requests for another life in a new world beyond the grave and this is how Generation X was assassinated. Thus, the question of longevity arises. What can an O.G. do to get through a mid-life crisis?

Attitude About Learning New Things: One of the keys to a full and refreshing life in mature years is the ability to remain physically, mentally, and spiritually flexible. Learning new things is refreshing to the soul and acts as a fountain of youth for our mental processes. Our brains are always eager to learn. Science has learned that one of the key components to happiness is learning new things. In an article published by Forbes Magazine titled Learning Is A Sure Path To Happiness: Science Proves It, by Tracey Brower, PhD, we read:

“Why is learning so important to happiness and thriving? What is it about learning that makes it a key ingredient of joy and achievement? There are multiple studies which demonstrate the relationship between learning and thriving and these provide guidance about the actions which can increase happiness.”

Exercise: Making time for bodily care can be challenging. However, consistency comes with effort and is bound to pay off in such cases. Depression and other unwanted mental states begin in the body and are a direct reflection of our emotional state of being. Exercise is a big aid in helping us relieve unwanted stress that often leads to negative emotional states and depression. In some cultures, exercise is said to release negative energy from the body. No matter how big or small, making exercise a part of our daily routine will keep a smile on our face and vitality on our side.

Meditation: The value of meditation is universally understood by all religions of the world, regardless of differing ideologies and dogma. Meditation is a huge stress reducer and sharpens our sense of awareness. Another good thing about meditation is that we can begin practice in small increments of time, even from one to three minutes. As we become more skilled with the practice, we can engage in meditation for longer amounts of time.

Sexuality: Our state of health, both physically and psychologically, can be monitored by our ability of arousal. The reader can even note how a common cold can deter the power of erection. In the ancient world, the power of sexual arousal was synonymous with immortality. In any case, maintaining our sexual health is an important part of our confidence as human beings and energetic makeup. Sex activates the neurotransmitters that are beneficial in stimulating our brains and other organs. Researching how to maintain libido and its benefits will keep you in tune with your body and mind.

For some, embracing the mature years of human existence may be difficult. However, the main thing to keep in mind is to preserve your flexibility and light-heatedness. Don’t allow yourself to become consumed with the worries of the day, but always aspire to live your best life!


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