The political landscape in New York has grown into what many would call a dark graphic novel. After having been sworn into office a little over a year ago, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has downgraded an epic 52 percent of felony cases to misdemeanors, making New York City a paradisiac haven for some of the world’s most notorious criminals. Bragg is the first Manhattan DA in the history of New York City to turn the Big Apple into a full-fledged criminal state.

As the founder of affirmative action for outlaws, the Manhattan DA is trying to convince America that he can do what the entire F.B.I. couldn’t – indict former President Donald Trump. Why hasn’t Governor Hochul or Mayor Eric Adams taken the necessary steps to question and investigate Alvin Bragg’s mental health? One thing, however,  that we do know for sure is that Alvin Bragg won the election for Manhattan DA simply for reasons of pigmentocracy.

The death of George Floyd was followed by a very impactful period in America’s history – one that nearly evolved into nationwide anarchy. Yet, the aftermath led to political appointments based solely on the color of a person’s skin. In this era of American history, brown and black skin tones are often sought after to make corporations look as if they have a diverse landscape. Bragg was elected for similar reasons.

Now posing as the foster child of George Soros, Bragg continues to bask in a shower of media attention due to rumors of a possible arrest and indictment of former President Donald Trump. Ironically, back in February 2022, two lead investigators of the case against former President Donald Trump resigned because Bragg doubted the ability of his team to produce an effective case.

Bragg won’t last long. His policies reveal a level of gratification for human suffering and death. People are losing their lives every day in New York City. Bragg’s latest publicity stunt exposes further shades of hypocrisy as his approach to crime was to extend leniency to non-violent criminals. Thus, in his pursuit of former President Donald Trump, he holds himself in contradiction. Bragg’s mental anguish will only worsen. He will eventually be led to let go of anything of value or at least create hope for the future without saying goodbye.

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