Often noted as one of America’s favorite vacation spots, Miami Beach is a South Florida island city, connected by bridges to mainland Miami. It’s a gorgeous area filled with lavish condominiums, hotels, and alluring activities. There’s no doubt about it, Miami Beach is a practical way to escape the stress of the day-to-day world. However, amid all this tropical beauty it is imperative that vacation goers on the road to self-discovery can find a good place to eat at a reasonable price.

While there is a great abundance of eateries and restaurants in the Miami Beach area, many are in hotels and the prices can be slightly higher than the norm. Rest assured, there is a lovely place to visit in Miami Beach that is perfect for good times and excellent food called the Tropical Beach Café. Located at 2891 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach – Florida, this festive and Cuban-themed restaurant offers some of the best in Spanish food and other surprises like fruit shakes, and various pastries.

Tropical Beach Café has a down-to-earth decorum and friendly waitstaff. The only downside is that sometimes you may have to wait for your food longer than expected. Some of the restaurant’s superb dishes include: huevo revuelto con pavo, empanizado de pollo, fajitas de pollo, etc. If you are planning on visiting Miami Beach, it’s a good idea to make the Tropical Beach Café a part of your trip. Salute!

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