Emerging rap artist and producer J. Mark$ has released a new melodic gem titled Forbidden Fruit. The last time we visited J. Mark$ was about a year ago during a review of his debut EP Written Dreams, which was an underground classic. Since this time J. Mark$ has become quite a force in the indie hip-hop arena. He produced Sheed’s news album J.A.M.S (Journey Around My Soul), a selection that we will be reviewing shortly.

J. Mark$ eclectic style of mesmerizing prose and organic rhythms continue to evolve with Forbidden Fruit. The New York-based maestro of a progressive bar-dropping culling will have your craving for more. Forbidden Fruit is an avant-garde rap song that stands as a daring amalgamation of etheric overtones and street genius. This musical journey opens with the contrasting sounds of synth strings and an innovative drum pattern. As this sonic terrain emerges with elements of electronic and sporadic keyboarding, J. Mark$ dives into the track with some sharp overdubs for several bars before transitioning into a straight vocal.

The lyricism of J. Mark$ is impeccable! His unorthodox cadence and chunky metaphors are a recipe for success. Forbidden Fruit is further enhanced by a featured appearance of fellow rap artist Sheed. The chemistry between the J. Mark$ and Sheed is electrifying. This brilliant synergy is achieved from the linguistic tradeoff between the two. Covering the topic of the perils that are often associated with overindulgence in any kind of vice, including romance, unveils the creative dexterity that J. Mark$ continues to cultivate, which is that makes the temptation of Forbidden Fruit so priceless. Salute!


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