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I am sure that many are aware of the debates between Dan harms and myself. I think we are far past the debate stage, at this point, though will still have an arranged meeting in New York, sometime in the latter part of this year.  I recently posted an article in the Keys to the Ancient Ones Series, showing further evidence that the Simon Necronomicon is indeed a legitimate grimoire. The article can be seen here Proof that the Simon Necronomicon is Real

Amazingly, Mister harms would have us think that I am ranting off on some mythical Arab mumbo-Jumbo.  His comments can be seen here : Dan Harms\’ Response Yet I am beginning to see why he would prefer for me to use some modern references and this is one good case as to why. Before I get into that you wuld not believe the insults that people he is associated with made towards me. I though this “debates” were for the purpose of shedding light on overlooked information, not to win an argument. I guess Dan Harms blog page attracts these sort of people, and while our Tradition differes in some ways from the Lovecraft Tradition, we are all part of the Necronomicon Tradition. If one part of it is destroyed than the other part can be as well, but I guess the same people who say that the Elder Gods vs the Ancient Ones, was something that was NOT of Lovecraft’s invention, still perpatrate the same mindset is trying to make a competition between myself and Harms while not seeing the analogy of debate as a way of digging deeper into the Mysteries. I was very disturbed that Harms would allow people to make such comments over the course of the las few months, which have certainly degraded the value of our discussions. Now Harms is trying to imply that I am using a fictional source. Yet in reveiwing older sources we find the following in the book Chaldean Magic by Francois Lenormant on page 238 concerning Magus Osthanes:

“We said that the Magi pretended to have the power of drawing fire down from heaven upon their altars by means of certain woods and rites.

Herodotus and Diogenes Laertius speak of the supernatural power the Magi  thought they possessed. The last of those writers had particuraly consulted the special treatise upon the Magi by Hermippus, where they were represented as jugglers and enchanters. About the same time of the Median wars a book attributed to the Magus Osthanes was circulated in Greece: this book was the origin of the magic substituted by the Greeks from that time forth for the coarse and ancient rites of Goetia.”

Amazingly Harms can’t find any other references to this material that I gave in my first articel. So he assumes that Osthanes is a fictional character. Big mistake Harms!!! I agree with Harms that modern sources are useful, but they should be balance with older sources, as much of the information from modern sources is only an interpretation of the older references anyway. I can’t understand how a noble librarian as harms cannot find this information in the writings of Herodotus?!! Maybe harms look in just one area of Herodotus writings and came to the conclusion that Osthanes doesn’t exist. maybe it is with the same sort of blind ambition and research that he may have written the Necronomicon Files.

According to Pliny the Elder Book XXX, we find the following:

“The first person, at any rate, as far as I can ascertain, to write a book on magic – a book that still survives – was Osthanes,  who accompanied Xerxes on his expedition to Greece and nurtured the seeds, as it were, of this monstrous art, …,Osthanes was cheifly responsible for stirring up among the Greeks not merely an appetite but a mad obsession for this art…”

More of this can be read here Pliny the Elder yet for those who can research things for themselves Osthanes is said to be known as Hystanes, or Haustanes.

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