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The Simon Necronomicon Tradition Within the Origins of Christianity Part 1: Jesus is Lucifer!


I would like to welcome everyone to the GateWalker’s Info Page. if this is your first time here, please review some of our previous articles first to understand our present discussion.

I am sure that many of our readers are familiar with the Christian doctrine.  It is very interesting to discover that the source of most Christian beliefs are derived from Babylonian sources,  the same nation that Christian and Jewish scholars deem unholy. One of the basic principles of Christianity is that salvation only comes through an individual’s belief and faith in Jesus Christ. Many Christians substantiate their faith in Jesus as being the only Way to the Heavenly Father based on the Biblical passage that is found in John Chapter 14:6, which states:

“Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (King James Version)

Although Christians are so quick to deem Babylonian Traditions as demonic, due to their lack of personal study,  it is the same Traditions that they honour in their worship to Jesus Christ. The idea of a mediator between a deity and man is a Babylonian concept. Francois Lenormant in his book Chaldean Magic, mentions the following on page 28:

“Having stated this, the incantation directs the god Fire to address himself to Silik-mulu-dug (Assyrian form of Marduk), the mediator before Hea (Enki).”

We can see how this relates to our work as Asarus or GateWalkers. However, it also relates heavily to certain Chrisitain precepts since their ideologies are based on a distortion of the Chaldean Mythologies. Lenormant sites how the Assyrian Marduk (Silik-mulu-dug) operated as mediator between man and Enki, who is called the Father in the Simon Necronomicon Tradition, as well as,  that of the Chaldeans as he was known amongst the Assyrians as Hea.

Interestingly, Marduk was also known as the “slayer of the dragon”, which is an attribute of the Christ among some sects of Chrisitianity. It is amazing how the Christian Church has merged many of the Chaldean Deities into a few characters of the Christian Pantheon. Another example of this can be seen by observation of the Trinity Doctrine. We know as GateWalkers and keepers of the Chaldean Mysteries that when we call the Wather the Great Three Watchers are to come as well, which are Anu, Enlil, and Enki. Notice what is mentioned by Lenromant in his book Chaldean Magic on page 115:

“Damascius describes this great trinity among the Chaldeans,…These three coequal and co-substantial divine persons were not of the same degree of emanation, but they issued on the contrary one from the other

Lenormant is gives us a good description of this “trinity” on the preceding page:

“Next to Ilu, the universal and mysterious source of all things came a trinity composed of his three first exterior and visible manifestations, which were placed at the summit of the scale of the gods in the popular worship; Anu, the primordial chaos, the god of Time and the World, uncreated matter issuing from the fundamental and unique principle of all things; Hea, the intelligence, or we would willingly say”the Word,” which animated matter and rendered it ..and lastly,  Bel ….ruler of the organized universe”  (pages 114-115)

Here we see that the Trinity doctrine does indeed come from Babylonian sources, as well as, the idea of man needing a mediator to speak with a god. In this case we can find the Chaldean Pantheon having the following correspondence.

Anu = The Father

Enlil = The Holy Ghost

Enki = The Son

It should also be noted that there are many characteristics of these deities that were fused into each other by the Christians. However, one clear aspect is that of Enki being the Christ, or the Son of God (Anu). What is amazing is how some researchers align Enki with Satan, while not realizing that Jesus and satan are the same being. Notice what is mentioned in the book of Revelation Chapter 22 verse 16, where jesus is said to have mentioned the following:

“I jesus have sent my angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and offspring of David, the bright and morning star.”

In the above passage jesus calls himself the “morning star” or Lucifer. The correlation of Jesus being Lucifier would definitely personify the trickster energy that is sometimes attributed to Enki. Enki was given the planetary aspect of Mercury by the Ancient Sumerians, though this was later attributed to Nebo during the Babylonian era, we are reminded that Mercury makes the shape of a hexagram as it travels through the zodiac when viewed from Earth this would apparently be the Star of David, and as a “Son of David’ he would definitely display that Mercurial aspect. Christopher Hyatt’s book entitled Sex Magic, Tantra, and Tarot:  The Way of the Secret Lover , mentions the following on page 25:

“..,wasn’t Mercury the God of thieves and liars? Didn’t he trick the Gods by telling them the truth with lies and then turn around and lie to them by telling the truth?”

this quote perfectly indicates  the Jesus in both his aspects of Lucifer and the Christ. Some of this can be seen in one of his most famous parables entitled the Good Samaritan. However, we will discuss this in our next discussion.

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