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What Does Malcolm X, Beast Xeno, H.P. Lovecraft, & Harriet Tubman All Have In Common? The Eminent Mind of the Urilia Text

Greetings! It is always a delight to see people develop on their path. Recently, the announcement was made that The Necronomicon Tradition\’s 2011 Man of the Year, T.C. Downey, aka, Beast Xeno, has started a new blog page called Eminent Mind. This website features information specifically catered to those who wish to move along into the deeper regions of their development and focus more on being. I will be spending quite an amount of time posting articles there as well. I feel that this is a very valuable resource and presents something that can help the Gate-Walking community avoid the stumbling blocks of ritual. Stumbling blocks of ritual? Let look further into this.

A lot of times we get questions about various rituals that appear in the Simon Necronomicon, and it is always a pleasure to receive email from our Readership. It is a way to get some feedback on the information that is presented and helps us understand ways that the blog page can be improved. Please write, comment, and send in any questions that come to mind.

However, there is another type of question that we receive, and when receive these sort of questions, it shows me that some are losing ground in their development. Questions about what ritual can be used to solve life’s problems, indicates that one is walking along the path of delusion. Let’s think about this for a second. The deities in the Simon Necronomicon represent cosmic forces operating on a stellar level, as well as, existing in our subconscious minds. These energies can be use to create an experience, for these are the very same energies that were arranged, or are arranged, in various combinations, which result in the world that we see before us. We can, therefore, liken these energies to electricity, and with that, we can now look at the following example.

Let us liken the magician to an electrician. The electrician can make life easier for himself and the community more comfortable by building devices, such as computers and etc. These electronic devices make tasks that were one time difficult, much easier. He can provide his  home, and the houses of others with light that can be used long after the Sun has set. In like manner, the magician can create experiences for himself, which would normally take years to enjoy, based on the time period that it would take for some planets and stars to fall in conjunction with each other. The experiences that these astrological conjunctions create on earth can be reproduced by the magician by using relative stellar correspondences, as found in the physical elements themselves, and arrange these in such a way as to produce the same effect beneficial astrological aspect. This is the exercise of power in magical ritual, but like the electrician, the forces used by the magician are mechanical. We know that the stellar powers, often depicted as deities, are mechanical based on the terms of agreement. If one were to use a book on magical correspondences per se, regardless if it is Wiccan or Satanic, the correspondences would still be the same. Venus is all traditions influences love, family, and friends. Mercury, in all traditions, is the planet of communication and etc. So let’s think for a second, how profitable would it be for the electrician to ask electricity to help aid him/her with problems that have to do with family life? You would get the same result as a magician.The Necronomicon Tradition is not about using magical ritual alone to solve life’s problems. Gates of the Necronomicon, mentions the following on page 102:

“To invoke the Northern Dipper, then, was to open the Gate between the living and the dead and the gods….but to do so while still alive, to gain control over the forces of death; to gain nothing less than immortality.”

The Mad Arab mentions the same in the Simon Necronomicon:

“Remember thy life is in running water, and not in still water, for the latter is the breeding place of the LILITU, and her creatures are the offspring of Them, and do worship at Their shrines, the places of which are unknown to thee. But where thou seest a standing stone, there they will be, for such is their altar.”

The Mad Arab mentions “running water” or the heavens above, as a hallmark of immortality. notice what is mentioned in the book Creation Accounts in the Near East and in the Bible by Richard J. Clifford, page 58:

“River as cosmic water {apsu) is the locale of Ea’s temple. The rite presumes that the river water will carry away the evil.”

The Sumerian symbology of “running water,” or the cosmic rivers, encompassing the world is the origin of the four rivers surrounding the Garden of Eden mythology. Our point here lies in the fact that the Mad Arab is pointing to the culture of immortality. This does not mean that the stellar powers, though mechanical, are not intelligent. In many ways, the emotional and mental disposition of the human being is also mechanical, and as one walks though the gates of initiation, they come to realize that the mechanical starry energies are the mechanical emotional and mental energies that run havoc through our being.

It has been remarked that the “Necronomicon Tradition” is a very powerful path, due to the fact that the Initiate is drawing off of forces that are relative to the “Black Earth,” the land of Cutha, but this is symbolic of the black hole, which our galaxy rotates around. The Black Hole is similar to the Inner Earth, since the earth produces life on its surface, so too does the Black Hole absorb and emits stars from itself. We find in the Necronomicon Tradition that our ritual of initiation is no more than our Sacred Marriage Rite to the Watcher. The Watcher is our inner-self. It is not accessed through conscious thought, but by the “rites that follow.” When initiated, the Watcher,  is the black hole of all that exists within ourselves emotionally and mentally. It is able to observe the changes within ourselves just as clear as we can observe the movement of the Sun, Moon, and stars. In the Introductory notes to the Simon Necronomicon, we find the following:

“The Underworld in ancient Sumer was known by many names, among them ABSU or “Abyss”, sometimes as Nar Mattaru, the great Underworld Ocean, and also as Cutha or KUTU as it is called in the Enuma Elish (the Creation Epic of the Sumerians). The phonetic similarity between Cutha and KUTU and Chthonic, as well as Cthulhu, is striking. Judging by a Sumerian grammar at hand, the word KUTULU or Cuthalu (Lovecraft’s’s Cthulhu Sumerianised) would mean “The Man of KUTU (Cutha); the Man of the Underworld; Satan or Shaitan, as he is known to the Yezidis (whom Crowley considered to be the remnants of the Sumerian Tradition).”

We bring up this excerpt here because as we mentioned time and time again, the Watcher is not just a mere Sedu, as some would like us to believe, but Kutulu himself. this is illustrated by making the following comparison, as mentioned in the Atlantean Necronomicon:

“Simon defines KUTULU in his Introduction to the Simon Necronomicon as ‘the Man of the Underworld.’ We can determine that KUTULU is the spouse of LAMASHTU, as she crosses the “river of hell,” (Nar Marratu) to meet him. E.A. Budge, quoted earlier, equates this “river of hell” as Nar Marratu. The CHART OF COMPARISONS, which appears in the introductory essays of the Simon Necronomicon, equates Nar Mattaru to the Abyss and Out of Space. This means that KUTULU can also be defined as the Man of Nar Mattaru.

While the Simon Necromicon mentions Nar Mattaru in various parts of the text, there are two passages specifically that reveal the work of KUTULU in the Necronomicon Tradition. Both of these passages can be found in the section entitled, THE CONJURATION OF THE WATCHER:

“And the Lord of the Watchers dwells, it is said, among the Wastes of the IGIGI, and only Watches and never raises the Sword or fights the idimmi, save when the Covenant is invoked by none less than the Elder Gods in their Council, like unto the Seven Glorious APHKHALLU.”

Following this is the INVOCATION OF THE WATCHER where we read:

“Rise up, from the old Abyss of NARR MARRATU!”

Many of the qualities attributed to the Watcher in the Simon Necronomicon are possessed by KUTULU. A few examples of this can be seen in the following passages:

“I conjure Thee by…The Veils of Sunken Varloormi” (taken from the Normal Invocation of The Watcher as found on page 72 of the SN)

“KUTULU raises his head and stares up through the Veils of sunken Varloormi..,” (taken from the First Testimony of the Mad Arab found on page 15 of the SN)

“the Watcher appears. with eyes that never lose their stare.” (taken from the SN page 70)

“KUTULU raises his head.., up through the Abyss, and fixes his stare upon me” (taken from the SN page 15)

One of the first lines in the Normal Invocation of the Watcher as found on page 72 of the SN is: “I conjur Thee by the Fire of GIRRA”

I deliver you to GIRRA .., Lord of the Flames.., of whom even mighty KUTULU has fear! (taken from page 83 of the MAKLU TEXT as found in the SN)

“And  the Watcher sometimes appears..,aloft holding the Sword of Flames, and even the Elder Gods are awed thereby” (Taken from page 70 of the SN)

the corpse KUTULU shakes beneath the Earth, and our Master ENKI is sore afraid.” (taken from page 186 of the SN)

“And the Lord of the Watchers dwells, it is said among the wastes of the IGIGI…” (Taken from page 70 of the SN)

We can safely assume that KUTULU is the Watcher. The Mad Arab states that ‘the Lord of the Watchers dwells in the Wastes of the IGIGI. The IGIGI are the azonei, also known as the realm of fixed stars. Lovecraft also describes the Old Ones as coming from the regions of Outer Space. The Mad Arab mentions that the Lord of the Watchers “never raises the Sword or fights the idimmi, save when the Covenant is invoked by none less than the Elder Gods in their Council, like unto the Seven Glorious APHKHALLU.”

The whole point of the initiatory process is to join the lower with the higher, or to put it more bluntly to connect the chthonic mind existing within to the its anchoring source represented by the Black Hole. The Mad Arab states:

“When the Great KUTULU rises up and greets the Stars, then the War will be over, and the World be One.”

We can see from the information above that the goal of initiation is the elevation of the chthonic mind over the emotional and mental processes. This chthonic mind is relative to the inner Earth and to the region of the Black Hole, and etc, which makes the Necronomicon Tradition unique within itself since mechanical correspondences relative to other schools of thought have not defined how their influence relates to physical substances, as it is impossible to do so. It is being. It is being. We find in the Simon Necronomicon’s Introduction the following:

“In both the European and Chinese cultures, the Dragon or Serpent is said to reside somewhere “below the earth”; it is a powerful force, a magickal force, which is identified with mastery over the created world; it is also a power that can be summoned by the few and not the many. However, in China, there did not seem to be a backlash of fear or resentment against this force as was known in Europe and Palestine, and the symbol of might and kingship in China is still the Dragon. In the West, the conjuration, cultivation, or worship of this Power was strenuously opposes with the advent of the Solar, Monotheistic religions and those who clung to the Old Ways were effectively extinguished. The wholesale slaughter of those called “Witches” during the Inquisition is an example of this, as well as the solemn and twisted – that is to say, purposeless and unenlightened – celibacy that the Church espoused. For the orgone of Wilhelm Reich is just as much Leviathan as the Kundalini of Tantrick adepts, and the Power raised by the Witches. It has always, at least in the past two thousand years, been associated with occultism and essentially with Rites of Evil Magick, or the Forbidden Magick, of the Enemy, and of Satan . . .”

Based on the information we have considered thus far, the land of Cutha is a mystical place, the Underworld, and the Candidate who has been initiated into these rites is Kutulu, or one who operates primarily from the chthonic mind, and has ascertained god-hood, and the rites in the Necronomicon Tradition are there for us to aid us in achieving this goal. Let us note what is written in the First Testimony:

“For this is the Book of the Dead, the Book of the Black Earth, that I have writ down at the peril of my life, exactly as I received it, on the planes of the IGIGI, the cruel celestial spirits from beyond the Wanderers of the Wastes.”

It is clear that what we call the Simon Necronomicon is the book of Black Earth. The question now arises what is the Black Earth? This is answered for us in the Magan Text:

“To the Black Earth, the Land of CUTHA…She set forth”

From the above passage, we can determine that the Simon Necronomicon can be properly coined the Book of Cutha. This point is relative not only to other sources but to ancient Mesopotamian mythology overall. The Descent of Ishtar to the Netherworld, translated by E.A. Speiser, which can be accessed at the following link, states:

Forth went the gatekeeper to open the door for her: “Enter, my lady, that Cutha may rejoice over thee,

Interestingly, and for those who may wonder what were the origins of “Cutha?” We have the work of Thomas Tucker Smiley, published in 1836, entitled Scripture Geography, wherein we read on page 126:

“Cush, Cutha, or Cushan, a name applied in Scripture to the posterity of Cush, the son of Ham, and also to the country inhabited by them. The word Cush, in most versions of the Bible, has been translated Ethiopia,..”

Smiley compares Cush to Cutha, which is often translated as Ethiopia. In 1810, John Wilkes clarifies things in the monumental and classic work entitled Encyclopaedia Londinensis. On page 492 he mentions in the Old English style of writing:

“Dr. Bryant has shewn that Cush, in the Babylonish dia. lect, is called Cuth ; and many places, where his posterity settled, were thence stiled Cutha, to the eaft of the Tigris, was the land of Cuth,…Cuth was evidently the father of all thofe nations ftiled Ethiopians, (Jofeph. Ant. jud. lib. 1.c.7.)..Magic and incantations are atrributed to Cuft, as the inventor; and they were certainly firft practifed among his fons. (Sanchon. ep. Eufeb. Pr. Ev. c.10)…[page 493] The original Ethiopia was the region of Babylonia and Chaldea where the firft kindom on earth was formed..”

From the above quote, we can determined that “Cutha” was relevent to Ethiopia and this kingdom, in its original location, which corresponded to ancient Babylonia before descendants of Cush migrated to the regions of Africa, as a result of wars with invading tribes. Rufus L. Perry, in 1893, stated in The Cushite the following on page 98:

“In the early legends and theologies of the East; in the buddha and Brahman of India; in the Zeus of Greece, and the Jupiter of the Romans, are found the ancient thought of the Cushites of Africa modified and expressed in the various tongues of these different nations.”

Keeping in mind what we have discovered, thus far, Kutulu, a term so dear to the Necronomicon Tradition, meaning Man of the Underworld, or a priestly class trained in the chthonic rites personified as Nergal. The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, page. 82 states:

“”The language and manuscript of this rare and eternal monument of light, and of a higher wisdom, are borrowed from the Cuthans, a tribe of the Samaritans, who were called Cuthim in the Chaldee dialect according to the Talmud, and they were so-called in a spirit of derision. They were termed sorcerers, because they taught in Cutha, their original place of abode, and afterward, in Samaria, the Kabala or Higher Magic (Book of Kings). Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, the chosen arch-priests, are shining lights among the eastern Magicians. They were both kings and teachers – the first Priest-teachers of this glorious knowledge, and from these Samaritan Cuthans – from these omnipotent priests of the fountain of light, who were called Nergal, according to the traditions of Talmud, originated the Gypsies, who, through degeneracy, lost the consecration of their primordial power.”

So it is that we find Cutha was attributed to having been founded by indigenous people. Thus, Kutulu, or man of the Underworld, is another way of saying the Black Man, or the man of Dark Matter. I must say that when I discovered these things, I was quickly reminded that the divinity of the Black Man applies not to a physical characteristic, but to those who were initiated into the Black rites as Black Brothers. Thus, the urban slogan; The Black Man is God, is true ,as it is also metaphoric, and this is what Malcolm X realized as well.

“..the Ancient Worm, TIAMAT, the ABYSS, also called KUTULU the Corpse-God, yet who lies not dead, but dreaming; he whom secret priests, initiated into the Black Rites, whose names are writ forever in the Book of Chaos, can summon if they but know how.”

Notice how Malcolm’s hands are touching his right side. Another method of Calling the Watcher while in public

Malcolm X, who is popularly known as a social-political leader of the 1960’s, also held in his grasp a deep esoteric knowledge. He even attested to encountering “other worldly” things during his stay in prison.  The Autobiography of Malcolm X” described Malcolm’s encounter with Men In Black while in prison:

“He had on a dark suit I remember. I could see him as plainly as I see anyone I look at. He wasn’t black, and he wasn’t white. He was light-brown skinned, an Asiatic cast of countenance, and he had oily black hair…”

Malcolm X was well aware of the information that we cited earlier in this article, in relation to the people of Cutha, and the Sumerians in general, long before the writings of Zechariah Sitchin and Eurocentrists who tried to replace this ethnic-type that originally founded this area of the world by using ancient, but post-Sumerian artwork in their writings. In January 1964, in a speech to the Organization of Afro-American Unity, he states:

“But if you want to take the time to do research for yourself, I think you’ll find that on the African continent there was always, prior to the discovery of America, there was always a higher level of history, rather a higher level of culture and civilization, than that which existed in Europe at the same time. At least 5,000 years ago they had a Black civilization in the Middle East called the Sumerians.  Now when they show you the pictures of the Sumerians they try and make you think that they were White people.   But if you go and read some of the ancient manuscripts or even read between the lines of some of the current writers, you’ll find that the Sumerian civilization was a very dark-skinned civilization, and it existed prior even to the existence of the Babylonian empire, right in the same area where you find Iraq and the Tigris-Euphrates rivers.  It was a black-skinned people who lived there, who had a high state of culture way back then.”

Although the story of Malcolm X is widely known, one of the most erroneous things that is often attributed to his life, is that after his break from Elijah Muhammad in 1964 he traveled to Mecca and saw Muslims from all different nations and rejected the Nation of Islam’s teachings. While it is true that Malcolm did perform Hajj after his break from the Nation of Islam, it wasn’t his first visit to Mecca. He had actually visited Mecca several times before. This has left historians in confusion while the public is left unaware of these facts. Robert Terrill, in the book, Malcolm X: Inventing Radical Judgement, states the following on page 134:

“There is some debate regarding the extent to which Malcolm’s letters home from Mecca accurately reflect his reaction to his experiences there. he surely has seen the same multiracial hajj when he first visited Mecca, as Elijah Muhammad’s emissary, in 1959.”

Here we see that, different from popular opinion, Malcolm X’s first visit to Mecca occurred years before he broke ties with the Nation of Islam, and that he visited the Islamic world in adherence to instruction given to him by Elijah Muhammad. So this idea of visiting Mecca once and seeing Muslims from different ethnic groups and rejecting the Nation of Islam’s teachings, due to such, is highly inaccurate. So why did Malcolm X, a man who had seen Men in Black, years earlier, suddenly take a different direction in life? Did he hear the Call of Cthulhu? Actually he did.

Before we show evidence of Malcolm X’s connection to Kutulu, it should be apparent at this time that Kutulu can be said to mean the man of the underworld, or the Black Man, in a similar fashion to how Crowley used the term Black Brother. Ironically, for many years, Malcolm X believed that the Black Man is god. In the book Dead Names, the last of the composite “Simon” makes an interesting point in a comparison between the terms KUTULU and the Islamic term qhadhulu.

“The qhadhulu of the pre-Islamic Arabs, however, was a force to be reckoned with, a manifestation of the power of the Jinn..”

This indicates that the Arabic qhadhulu, known as Kutulu in modern times, denotes the power of the Jinn. Ryan Parker states the following concerning the term qhadhulu:

“Khadhulu is the Arabic word meaning ‘abandoner’ or ‘forsaker’… Khadhulu is a type of spiritual force that powers the practices of Tafrid and Tajrid. These are exercises that are used to transcend (abandon) normal cultural programming. The idea is that by transcending (abandoning) Dogma and fixed beliefs a person can see reality as it is. Khadhulu is stimulated by the Nafs (breath or soul). The stimulated ‘abandoner’ then causes the Hal or spiritual state. Khadhulu appears in the Quran (25:29)… The verse translates as ‘Mankind, Shaitan is al khadhulu’. They have explained two orthodox interpretations of this verse to me the first is that Shaitan will abandon man. The other is that Shaitan causes men to forsake Islam and its culture. You’ll note that this second interpretation is fairly consistent with the spiritual meaning the ancient Muqarribun give Khadhulu . (Obviously an orthodox Muslim would think Muqarribun practices Sinful.) This verse in the Quran is important because it links the ‘abandoner’ Khadhulu with Shaitan the Old Dragon, Lord of the Abyss.”

This is key information in understanding Malcolm X’s transformation. First, we have discovered that Malcolm X’s life was changed by the Jinn, or what he termed, Men in Black. We can therefore, calculate that Malcolm later realized that the possession, also known as the Jinn State, could be achieved by others of different physical archetypes, as the term Black Man refers primarily to a jinn-possessed individual, or one who has entered the state of Jinn consciousness in mystical thought. After Malcolm’s break from the Nation of Islam in 1964, his message shifted from Islamism to a more social-consciousness theme. Why so? It is during the Hajj that a practice called stoning the devil takes place, where rocks are thrown at the Jinn stone, which in Arabic is found to be stoning the black god. The reason for this ritual of “stoning the devil” is explained in the following Wikipedia article,

“When he [Abraham] left Mina and was brought down to (the defile called) al-Aqaba, the Devil appeared to him at Stone-Heap of the Defile. Gabriel said to him: “Pelt him!” so Abraham threw seven stones at him so that he disappeared from him. Then he appeared to him at the Middle Stone-Heap. Gabriel said to him: “Pelt him!” so he pelted him with seven stones so that he disappeared from him. Then he appeared to him at the Little Stone-Heap. Gabriel said to him: “Pelt him!” so he pelted him with seven stones like the little stones for throwing with a sling. So the Devil withdrew from him.”

The term used for devil is Iblis in the Islamic religion. Na’ama Brosh, in the book Biblical Stories in Islamic Painting mentions the following:

“The black-faced Iblis is depicted without wings and is usually in the corner of the picture, apart from the group of angels. Iblis’s black skin symbolizes his corrupt nature and impending doom in the fires of hell. …”

Later on page 36, we discover the origin of Iblis and why Malcolm shifted his focus from religion to social-political work:

“The Muslim mystics often associated Pharoah with Iblis/Satan and used his anme to refer to those who refused to separate their spirits from their indiviualistic egos..”

So basically every Muslim who performs Hajj is cursing Egypt. A Dictionary of Islam by Thomas Patrick Hughes, B.D., M.R.A.S., states the following concerning the Jinn:

“The Jinn, it has been already shown, are peaceable. They also eat and drink, and propagate their species, sometimes in conjunction with human beings; in which latter case, the offspring partakes of the nature of both parents.”

The subject of Jinn-human progeny is highly debated amongst Muslim scholars. However, there is a great deal of evidence supporting the fact that Jinn and humans are able to produce offspring together. The religion of Islam dictates that Allah created both the Jinn and mankind, but the ancient texts of the pre-Islamic era say something different. Hughes continues on page 134:

“It is said that God created the Jann (or Jinn) two thousand years before Adam (according to some writers, much earlier) and that they are believers and infidels and every sect among them, as among men….It is commonly believed that the preadamite Jinn were governed by forty (according to some seventy-two) kings, to each of whom the Arab writers give the name Sulaiman (Solomon); and that they derive their appellation from the last of these, who was called Jann Ibn-Jann, and who, some say, built the Pyramids of Egypt.”

Initiates of the Necronomicon tradition are, primarily, of jinn-human progeny, or Jinn manifesting in physical bodies. The Jinn is the soul that Gudjieff mentions must be acquired by man. Reich and Gurdjieff by David M. Brahinsky states:

“a soul can be created, that is, the essence. We are not, however, born with a soul, according to him, and to become fully conscious, to fulfill our inborn potential, is to crystallize a soul,..”

Phenomenom of the Soul by S.L. Goodenough states:

“In the world of the angels the soul for years and years enjoys these experiences. When the desire for more experience urges it on, it goes forth and comes to the world of Jinns, which is the astral plane.”

Our work in the Necronomicon Tradition creates within us what was lost, a soul. The “abyss” in Necronomicon Physics corresponds to the astral plane. In an online article entitled Lilith- The Scarlet Woman, we read:

“In ancient Sumerian belief, the primal gods, the ZU, originally emerged from the Great Chaos of the ABYSS – the Astral Plane – the first plane above our heads very easy to reach but the source of many energy blockage implants which try to affect all humanity..”

The abyss is the astral world, also known as the Underworld and we urge readers to explore this research further. The Mad Arab states:

“Know, fourthly, that it is become the obligation of the Priests of the Flame and the Sword, and of all Magick, to bring their Power to the Underworld and keep it chained thereby, for the Underworld is surely the Gate Forgotten, ..”

Occultist, T.C. Downey, similar to Malcolm X, was once a part of an organization that ne later parted from. In Downey’s case it was The Cult of Cthulhu. Downey, indifferent to how the world may classify his physical archetype, is a Black Man, or the Man of the Underworld, who operates from the inner depths of ones’ being,  the chthonic mind. It is due to such, that Downey left the CoC, and all the Mickey Mouse propaganda of its founder and leader, Venger Satanis, which can be observed here- Cthulhu Freak. Now T.C Downey has started a new blog page that can serve as a useful resource to all of those who with to operate from a sense of being. This valuable resource is called Eminent Mind. You will also find some key articles written by another Black Man, Jason Sorrell. Both Downey and Sorrell have become “Dark Knights” in their own right while exercising the way of the sly man.

Discussion about Cthulhu bring us to the author H.P. Lovecraft. Interestingly, Fortean Times published and article, written back in 2004, which is accessible at the following link: The article states:

“Lovecraft skirted the edges of Theosophical literature for over 10 years. In 1926, he read W Scott-Elliot’s Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria. This work is a description of the geography and culture of the lost continents, with notes on their former inhabitants. Shortly after reading this work, Lovecraft penned one of his most celebrated tales, “The Call of Cthulhu”. “

It’s amazing how a man who is said to study Theosophy for ten years had nothing to do with the occult in terms of practice, or so some would have us think. Do you really think that someone could study Theosophy for ten years, have friends who were occultists, and I am expected to believe every word that a fictional writer says about himself, as if he never lied? Aren’t these the very same principles that the Church Of Satan is able to label Benjamin Franklin as a defacto Satanist?

Aside from all of this, Lovecraft was able to interpret glimpses of the chthonic mind and write about it in his fiction. His most revered character is Cthulhu. He mentions the following in his Call of Cthulhu:

“If I say that my somewhat extravagant imagination yielded simultaneous pictures of an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature, I shall not be unfaithful to the spirit of the thing. A pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque and scaly body with rudimentary wings; but it was the general outline of the whole which made it most shockingly frightful.”

Although Cthulhu is often depicted as a creature similar to an octopus, Lovecraft mentions an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature. What is amazing about these three types is that they are known for producing high qualities of melanin. Wikipedia mentions the following concerning the Octopus:

“Most octopuses can eject a thick blackish ink in a large cloud to aid in escaping from predators. The main coloring agent of the ink is melanin, which is the same chemical that gives humans their hair and skin color. This ink cloud is thought to reduce the efficiency of olfactory organs, which would aid an octopus’ evasion from predators that employ smell for hunting, such as sharks. Ink clouds of some species might serve as pseudomorphs, or decoys that the predator attacks instead.”

What is interesting about all off this is that the Old Ones of Lovecraftian fiction is said to communicate to their followers in dreams. We read the following in Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu:

“Those Old Ones were gone now, inside the earth and under the sea; but their dead bodies had told their secrets in dreams to the first men, who formed a cult which had never died.”

I guess we should just think it is a coincidence that Lovecraft’s Cthulhu had the ability to communicate with its half-human progeny in dreams, while Cthulhu is associated with an Octopus, along with a Dragon, and a few other things. What is interesting about this is that while octopuses emit melanin as a defense against their predators, we also learn of other properties of melanin in Ed Bynum’s Families and the interpretation of Dreams, we read:

“King, a physician, also points out that when an increase of melanin is provided, patients experience an increase in vivid dreams, hallucinations, illusions,..”

Our next example, shows us some of the real Cult of Cthulhu members of the Necronomicon Tradition. What do you think of when you hear the name Harriet Tubman? Well, here is an excerpt from a Wikipedia article about her,

” A devout Christian, Tubman ascribed the visions and vivid dreams to revelations from God….Tubman had to travel by night, guided by the North Star, and trying to avoid slave catchers,”

Harriet Tubman also had dreams and visions and “invoked” the North Star just like ancient Taoist and practitioners of the Necronomicon Tradition do today by keeping North as their Place of Calling

Melanin stimulates lucid dreaming. It is a substance that is also emitted by the Octopus, a creature that is relative to Cthuhlu, though I must say Cthulhu is not a octopus. Through Lovecraft’s fiction, we can ascertain that those who are Jinn in flesh, or Jinn-human progeny, will rise again and plummet the “adversarial current” that is often described in the writings of Jason King. It is the mind of the Black Hole that the galaxy revolves around. It is the energy in the Earth that causes life to grown from the soil. It is the chthonic mind of the sly man, the Black Man, Kutulu. It is here that we understand the working of the Urilia Text.

Many dabblers in the Simon Necronomicon often mistaken the Urilia Text as a rite that is used in Calling demonic forces, but this is not the case. The Book of Calling states:

“In the Ceremonies of Calling, any type of Spirit may be summoned and detained until It has answered your questions or provided you with whatever you desire. The Spirits of the Dead may be invoked. The Spirits of the Unborn may be invoked. The Spirits of the Seven Spheres may be invoked. The Spirits of the Flame may be invoked. In all, there may be One Thousand-and-One Spirits that are of principal importance, and these you will come to know in the course of your experiments. There are many others, but some have no power, and will only confuse.”

Simon also mentions in other writings that the Calling can be used for contacting energies in the Urilia Text. Therefore, the Urilia Text is used for something else. Its purpose is mentioned in the Simon Necronomicon’s Introduction:

“It has more specifically to do with the worship of the Serpent, and the nature of the cults that participate in the Concelebration of Sin. “

The key to the Urilia Text stands as the rite of the adept. The Watcher is not invoked in this rite because the marriage between the jinn (watcher) and human have occurred. It is relevent to the heavenly gates based on its Mandal of Calling, as seen below.

This is the Mandal of Calling for the Urilia Text. we can determine this based on the following:

“And there are Four Spirits of the Spaces, and they come upon the Wind, and they are Things of the Wind, and of Fire. And the First comes from the North, and is called USTUR, and has a Human Shape. And He is the Most Ancient of the Four, and a Great Lord of the World. And the Second comes from the East, and is called SED and has the Shape of a Bull, but with a human face, and is very mighty. And the Third comes from the south, and is called LAMAS, and is of the Shape of a Lion, but with a human head, and governs those things of the Flame and the Burning Wind. And the Fourth comes from the West, and is called NATTIG, and is of the Shape of an Eagle, but with a human body, having only the face and wings of an Eagle, with an Eagle’s claws. And this Eagle comes from the Sea and is a Great Mystery.”

The spirits of the four elements are none other than Ninhursah-Ki (Earth), Enki (water), Enlil (air), and Anu (fire). These became known as the four letters of the Tetragrammaton in post-Sumerian times. In this case we can determine the ruling of one of these forces as seen in the four seasons. The four philosophical elements that all things are produced, and the mind behind all of this is the Eminent Mind, Kutulu, the Black Man. Please checkout the new site:

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