It is a great honor to be involved in this Tradition, and to see it grow to such an extent is truly a blessing. The sacredness of our Tradition has not gone without notice, and I must mention that I pray in thankfulness to the DinGir for those who have made a monetary contribution to the work. I would like to encourage others to offer their prayers in thanks to those who have taken the time to make a donation. Here is the list:

H. Paulraj  $200.00

V. Schwab-Tidwell $15.00

E. Massey $20.00

R. Barrio $100.00

J. Rivers $25.00

H. Van Der Veen $60.00

We would like to give a big round of applause and thanks to the following contributors as we draw nearer to creating an actual legal entity for our sacred tradition. We deeply appreciate all the effort you have taken in making a donation. Others who wish to make a may do so by visiting our Donations page.

We would also like to extend a great thank you to our readers for supporting us over the years. This is very encouraging and we do appreciate with sincere thanks, all the kindness you have shown. Thank you very much.

We would like to ask everyone, if they have the time, to answer a survey on the direction of the Necronomicon Tradition. Stay Blessed:

3 thoughts on “Special Thanks To Those Who Have Made Contributions!

  1. Thanks Dumu for remembering others as it is pure….I am ready to walk the first gat and need some info when time permits for you…I have the next 6 days off from work for the thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. I will be thankful for the SN is my celbration. stay blessed

  2. i will be happy to do more as i can Dear Brothers. i have to conduct myself on a very tight budget till after the first of the year, then i will free to a support this effort much more. a family of seven has a tendency to drain ones back pocket. 🙁

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