A Digital Theatre Presentation featuring true-life experiences of Initiates of the Necronomicon Tradition

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We are happy to announce that our fourth video in our digital theatre series can now be seen on YouTube. This is a special video presentation. I would like to remind our readers that our digital theatre series features real-life situations faced by members of the Asaru Clan.

Our fourth episode is entitled; Warriors of the Necronomicon Tradition Part 4: Exorcism of the Crown of Anu. It seems that the concepts and production is coming together chapter by chapter. This episode features the “avatar personas” of Ashnook, Alric Thomas, Amadi, Ankhara, Ben Nixx, Dan Harms, Etluzini, Jason 666 King, Joshua Free, Nightcaller, Rafael Barrio, Sophia Greene, Wind Dancer, and Warlock Asylum.

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