An Excerpt from the Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan
An Excerpt from the Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan

The Eighteenth Letter of Genghis Khan to the Magicians of the Yi Jing:

It is the work of the Fool, like the baby that feeds from its mother’s breast. It is the work of the Fool. And the Fool will reach the Mountain of all that he has sacrificed to reach the Path of Knowing. When he has arrived at the foot of the Mountain, he will hear the voice of the wind giving him certain instructions. Above all, he must begin cleaning up the things that he has sacrificed on the journey, which is now the Mountain itself.

Be careful. It is a very difficult way of cleaning. It is ridding the mind of all the things that have caused us to be infatuated with ourselves. The Fool carries all the tools of the Magician. He thinks that he is a Magician because he has traveled on the journey for so long. He has all the tools of the Magician, but does not know how to use them. He came into possession of the Magician’s tools because he is the youngest son of the High Priestess like every other Fool. The Fool can only be a Fool. He can be nothing more than a Fool. In order for him to become a Magician, he must first destroy the Fool. Change cannot occur unless something is destroyed and made into something new. The Wind at the foot of the Mountain is different from the Wind at the crown of the Mountain.

When the Fool arrives at the foot of the Mountain, the voice of the Wind will instruct him. It will tell him to clean up the Mountain.  This is no easy task for he has neglected so much, which must be amended in the faith of the virtue that was learned on the journey. It is during this process of cleaning that he can destroy the Fool and become a Magician. In cleaning up all that he has sacrificed on the journey, he must begin to use the tools of the Magician.

At first, he may fear the practice of becoming and being a Magician. It is a practice that does not appear similar to the great and wondrous things that he read about in books. When such is the case, you must know that the Fool has not been destroyed. Later, he will begin to measure his actions against the results they produced. When he finds such behavior displeasing, though it may appear pleasing in the eyes of the uninitiated, the Fool is beginning to die.

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  2. When one realizes that all the tools carried were a symbolical way for them to figure out they are the only tool they need and all the keys belong
    inside them and they strip away from the thoughts of grandeur and hunger for power; the need to be feared and possess titles; to be the one with the ultimate truth or one of the few following the right path the right way; when they realize their thoughts and emotions have been dictating their own life for them; when they see that all they have believed that have come from an external source is not true knowledge for the external sources are only triggers for us to Remember what we already know and thus they cannot possess knowledge only by copying and repeating, that’s when they will realize that being in their center means to be free of all the pre made concepts about life and how things should be, that their whole life to that point has been like trying to cross a pool without knowing how to swim. And then they will know that the circle they believed to be the truth is just a spiral being viewed from the wrong angle. That’s when one stops going around to move forward.

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