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People are free to believe in whatever they want to believe. Over the years, however, I have learned that calling the Simon Necronomicon a “hoax” does more bad than good spiritually. It makes the grimoire appear to be harmless to the curious dabbler and a safe form of fun that is okay for the untrained to experiment with. One thing we do know for sure, if you weren’t around and involved with those who edited and published the Simon Necronomicon, then you don’t know what the intent was in releasing the grimoire to the public. Just because you have read a book or two criticizing the tome, it still comes down to speculation. Did Moses really part the Red Sea? Why aren’t his writings labeled as a hoax?

Every grimoire has a title that is based on a famed or legendary book for its age that’s part of the history of how grimoires come into being. Any criticisms in this regard, actually reveal how much people don’t know about occult history. For an author to name a grimoire after a fictional book, is in accord with occult history in regards to all grimoires. Was the Key of Solomon written by King Solomon? Of course not. Prior to the release of the Key of Solomon it had been a rumor a fable if you will that such a book existed.

Recently, I found an experience online under the Amazon reviews of the Simon Necronomicon. In reading the experience, it made me think how someone had a bad experience after purchasing the Simon Necronomicon because he light-heartedly thought of it as a hoax. Here is a link to the review. I thought it would be good to share itwith our readers. Enjoy!

“This is the only review I have ever made on amazon and I am doing it because:

1. I want people to know this book is seriously evil and is not something to play around with. I don’t care if it is a work of fiction or if it is true, this is evil , period.


2. I want to share my story because even though what happened was the worst thing that has happened to me in my entire life , it is a pretty cool story (100% true story) , I have no reason or motive to make this stuff up, I always say this when I tell my friends what happened to me, What I am about to tell you is completely true, every detail and word that I will say is true, no exagerations, no half truths, I will tell it exactly like it happened.

OK so I was in Mc Allen Texas, I am from Mexico but me and my family go visit the US often. And when we do we always go to Barnes and Noble. So I was walking around Barnes and Noble and in a little round table was this little black book. This exact version. I was like hey look a satanic/occult book , out of curiosity I opened it and took like 5 minutes to see more or less how the book was made up. I was like hey this is a legitly satanic book, I am going to buy it to show it to my friends. I didn’t give it much thought , and I didn’t believe in any supernatural or anything of the sort , super non-believer, so we went to the Holiday Inn where we were staying. Before going to bed I was skimming the book , and it was really weird I didn’t understand anything. I was like this is pretty strange, it has pages describing other worlds and incantations and stuff like that and weird simbols to put in your wall to open gates to take you to strange worlds. There was a lot of text in the book and every other page a symbol and instruccions, but everything in the book was not user friendly at all, it seemed it was written for the experienced satanist or satanic gate traveler.

Eventually we went to sleep and in the middle of the night I wake up to go to the bathroom. I enter the bathroom of the Holiday in and as soon as I close the door behind me, the panel lights above the sink start flickering violently and in that moment and this will be hard to describe but I will give it my best shot , I felt THE universe of evil conciousness, it was like everything that is evil and only that which is pure evil , so evil that it was completely abstract, pure black concentrate of evil and a whole universe of it, with a single conciousness/mind, it was focusing all of its evil on me, and letting me know without saying anything, “yes, this is happening right now” and this whole universe of evil conciousness was focusing laser pointed at me, all this while the lights were flickering violently. I was completely paralyzed , 100%, I just fell down on my butt with my back against the door with my body completely paralized of fear just 100% frozen with stark fear and terror, the amount of fear I felt is beyond what you can imagine, and take into consideration I have been in situations where my brother was about to die infront of me and I always deal with really intense dangerous situations very calmly, I am not the type of person that s**** himself when he goes to see a scary movie, just tatke that into consideration, this was 100% traumatizing. I didn’t even believe paranormal things existed, and then suddenly this happened so I was take by surpise to say the least.

Anyway, eventually it was over, I have no idea how long it lasted. It felt like 20 seconds, but it could have been half a second. I stand up and I go outside the bathroom, and for some reason I felt the need to look inside the book, I don’t know why I thought I might find something there to help me, I didn’t know what to do. I get the book and when I open it, the book was completely different. The cover was the same but now there were no text at all, not even page numbers, there were only 1 big symbol per page , the symbol centered in the middle but taking up 75% of the space of the page , it was somewhat like this but not Chinese at all,[…] it didn’t look like a letter , it looked more like a symbol of something ancient, I was really afraid, obviously,suprised how this was actually happening in real life, after i skimmed through the book to find that the whole book was just the symbols and nothing else the ink of the letters started to drop down the page, I know that sounds like a movie or something but it actually happened, so I closed the book and I remember looking at the bottom of the closed book and the ink was starting to cover the whole bottom of the closed book.

The next instant I wake up. It was amazing because what had just happened was not a dream, it was 100% real life. Normally when you dream you are in another place or the room is different or stuff like that, I know my dreams, and this wasn’t a dream. Anyway , as soon as I wake up I completely brainwashed myself into thinking it was just a dream and that it wasn’t real, but I only did it to be able to cope with the situation. Next morning I threw the book to the trash can and I put the whole event in the back of my mind, I didn’t think of it at all, I completely blocked it.

It was not until a year later more or less maybe a bit more that I looked back and went over the experience, I told my friends and my brothers about it and they all were super intrigued with the story, especially one of my friends and one of my brothers, they looked online for this book and never could find it , they would find other versions. Btw this all happened like 8 years ago. I was in 9th grade I think. Just two years ago my brother found this book here on ebay , this exact copy which was the one that I bought, and he looked inside the book and read the introduccion and found that it said this, “Bizarre occurrences and humorous coincidences aside for the moment, the NECRONOMICON has caused changed in the consciousness of those people most intimately involved with it, as well as many strangers who simply bought the book through the mail or at the bookstore. Judging by the letters we have received in the last two years, these changes have been startling.”

When he read that to me, it just put the cherry on the cake and validated my whole experience as something 100% real. Wheather it was a dream or not it doesn’t matter. It was the worst night of my life and nothing like that had ever happened to me or has happened since. If you think this was just a bad dream, I can assure you it was not, there is no way to describe the whole experience in its entirety unless you lived it , and I lived it and can tell you it wasn’t “just a dream”, trust me

After this event I decided I was never ever ever going to play around with the occult. I used to be the typical skeptic and after this I realized that there is definitely something behind the curtains we can’t see, but that is as real as the screen you are looking at right now.”