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How can help those who have become
     How can help those who have become “consumed” with the occult?

Many of them will take on fake names to protect their identity. Use phone numbers with area codes different from the area in which they live. Create fake profile pages and send out counterfeit “love interests” in hopes of entertaining us further with let me pretend; “I can’t see through this and tell her my whole life story.”  Okay, when I nod my head you hit it syndrome has returned! Certainly, a sense of privacy is above critique. However, if advocates of the “world’s most strongest forms of magic” have to resort to such behavior that even a Pentecostal Christian will bark on them and their lack of creating a reality out of Eurocentric terms like “a totally safe neighborhood,” then we may expect they cannot see the disease of their minds in themselves. Instead, we find spiritualists spitting in the face of a “white Jesus” to only turn around and follow a path that makes them uglier by the day for the purposes of celibacy during initiation and now they can’t get out of what’s troubling their family life!

Consumed in the addictions of phenomenalism, they will beg and plead upon the doorsteps of those who left the path, as these ones were sent out from the underworld to spread the doctrine of its gods under another guise. Yet, this part of the process cannot be understood by the uninitiated-initiated because the ego stands in the way of it all. Yet in still, they will seek advice from the opinion of those who they believe insane. It’s all about an occult sugar pill at this point! What price does an ego have to pay by those trodden in the fear that it possesses? Missed opportunities for completing their final phases, the insanity of fear has them thinking that harm will befall them if they stop initiating themselves into the currents of death energy. Really?!! Forgetful are they of those who say “goddammit!”  You got a thesaurus?

Time and time again, occultism has produced superheroes in every era of human history. However, the beckoned calling of a native-born occultist, priestess, witch, or warlock, is found in life itself. An occult system, dark or light, is just an aesthetic for the child of jinn-human relations to express themselves until they meet their jinn parent, who teaches them first hand. It’s like a superman childhood and then meeting his real father, who teaches him about his native planet and culture. On the other hand, there are those that face certain life challenges, and out of the pain of these things, will reinvent themselves as executors of revenge. Alas, but such a path is only preparation for mental illness. Look at how closely the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease their experiences.

Study psychology. It’s a little bit Greek, but it will help you understand the light and shadow sides of the process you are going through without out having to sell spiritual slavery as enlightenment. It’s not all about deity.  Especially, if all the angels in heaven are strapped with swords, and every time our otherworldly friends decided to visit an apostle or prophet, human war soon follows. Understand what thrills invisible spirits feel, spirits of the dead for that matter, when you are sitting there begging them for protection, money, health, and long life. Are you sure that a praying mantis didn’t die for your sins?

Like we said before, get used to studying psychology. Make it your Bible. Set an example by letting our faith in life take the lead. Let them know forgiveness is as easy as our finger healing after we cut ourselves. Study the mental illnesses of the world as they are the arcane demons of the old faith.  Let not those who sincerely “know no better” steer you into ignorance because of their own insecurities and lack of connectedness. Above all else, carry on with courage and strength!

2 thoughts on “How To Interact With Friends Who Are “Consumed” by the Necronomicon Gnosis And Other Occult Matters?

  1. SightlessBrent says:

    As one who has been down dark paths, I do have to say this: I was always under the assumption that the very purpose of being consumed was to personally overcome it, thus entering into a state of being essentially free of excess energies and negativity. That said, its not a path for everyone.

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