What is spiritual drug addiction? How can we avoid it?

The term “spirituality” is often used in conjunction with methods of expanding one’s consciousness. Many esoteric schools have established systems where newcomers must pass and undergo a series of initiations in order to achieve a greater understanding of the invisible laws of the universe and how they affect us. These laws are personified as “deities” in some cases, not all, a custom popularly utilized since ancient times in order to make the process easier to understand.

            What is spiritual drug addiction? How can we avoid it?

Students, while undergoing occult initiation, will experience lucidity and other forms of consciousness, or a “highs,” not known to the common layman. As long as the student is guided properly by his/her mentor, or mentorship, all should be fine. A guided initiation is an important tool, which teaches the new student how the invisible laws of the universe influence the phenomenal world. This is the first and prerequisite knowledge that must be acquired by all who seek magical and spiritual paths.  One must acknowledge the world’s unseen laws of the universe and know what they are in order to understand the world that we are living in and our place in it.

Today, there is an abundance of information about occult and spiritual science available to the public. Uninitiated individuals often hold the opinion that knowledge is power and should be available to all. It is within this philosophy that we find the most good-hearted people are guilty of ignorantly breaking the laws of the universe. How can someone, who hasn’t studied the laws of the universe in an initiatory context, properly understand information written specific for those undergoing such a journey? They cannot! Famous mystic, George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, stated the following in the classic work, In Search of the Miraculous by P. D. Ouspensky:

All that has been said up till now refers to real groups connected with real concrete work which in its turn is connected with what has been called the ‘fourth way.’ But there are many imitation ways, imitation groups, and imitation work. These are not even ‘black magic.’

“Questions have often been asked at these lectures as to what is ‘black magic’ and I have replied that there is neither red, green, nor yellow magic. There is mechanics, that is, what ‘happens,’ and there is ‘doing.’ ‘Doing’ is magic and ‘doing’ can be only of one kind. There cannot be two kinds of ‘doing.’ But there can be a falsification, an imitation of the outward appearance of ‘doing,’ which cannot give any objective results but which can deceive naive people and produce in them faith, infatuation, enthusiasm, and even fanaticism.

“This is why in true work, that is, in true ‘doing,’ the producing of infatuation in people is not allowed. What you call black magic is based on infatuation and on playing upon human weaknesses. Black magic does not in any way mean magic of evil. I have already said earlier that no one ever does anything for the sake of evil, in the interests of evil. Everyone always does everything in the interests of good as he understands it. In the same way it is quite wrong to assert that black magic must necessarily be egoistical, that in black magic a man strives after some results for himself. This is quite wrong. Black magic may be quite altruistic, may strive after the good of humanity or after the salvation of humanity from real or imaginary evils. But what can be called black magic has always one definite characteristic. This characteristic is the tendency to use people for some, even the best of aims, without their knowledge and understanding, either by producing in them faith and infatuation or by acting upon them through fear.

“But it must be remembered in this connection that a ‘black magician,’ whether good or evil, has at all events been at a school. He has learned something, has heard something, knows something. He is simply a ‘half-educated man’ who has either been turned out of a school or who has himself left a school having decided that he already knows enough, that he does not want to be in subordination any longer, and that he can work independently and even direct the work of others. All ‘work’ of this kind can produce only subjective results, that is to say, it can only increase deception and increase sleep instead of decreasing them. Nevertheless something can be learned from a ‘black magician’ although in the wrong way. He can sometimes by accident even tell the truth.”

Gurdjieff’s words are even more applicable today. There are many systems that encourage self-initiation as a means of becoming attuned to its gnosis in existence. While self-initiation is a beautiful way to learn about the laws of the universe, I have personally seen many become spiritual drug addicts in the process. How so?

Earlier, we spoke about the various levels of consciousness and lucidity that a new student will experience during their initiatory journey. If a student is not careful, they can become addicted to this lucidity in the same manner that a drug addict is addicted to a high. Unfortunately, it is for this very same reason that we find so many, who have careers in drug addiction, heavily involved in the occult. This was one thing that I learned during my initiation, as some of the states of lucidity were so intense at times that my vision was affected. An addiction to physical drugs is only a symbol of an unhealthy addiction to certain emotional states, which many pseudo-occultists are victim. Instead of becoming an asset to their community, the spiritual drug addict, like the physical one, will isolate themselves from humanity, socializing only with those who like to get high.

Out of the same laws of poverty, the spiritual drug addict, like the physical drug addict, will resort to stealing “gems’ of knowledge that they will use as their own. Promoting slogans, epiphanies, and proverbs of truly enlightened men and women as their own is how the study of conclusions mistakenly exceeds that which was obtained through sincere efforts. In Masonic schools, the Biblical commandment, “Do Not Steal,” also applies to knowledge. Remember, knowledge is a form of matter, and like gold, can be held in one’s imagination like a coin in hand – stolen. These spiritual drug addicts like their physical counterparts, are unable to complete the simplest tasks because the most important thing for them is getting high – spiritually, doing all sorts of rituals and praying for others, as Gurdjieff noted, in order to feel good. I give my students assignments outside of what is commonly called ritual in order to either break them of their spiritual addiction or to get them to understand the process. Writing, language, and even martial arts, are much deeper sciences than ritual. However, like physical drug addicts, spiritual drug addicts will avoid any activity that encourages self-responsibility and endurance. They want nothing to do with anything f*#king up their high!

Please avoid spiritual drug addiction at all cost. If you know of anyone who you believe to be a spiritual drug addict, or you are having a tough time breaking habits and thinking associated with spiritual drug addiction, do not hesitate to send us an email for assistance.

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7 thoughts on “Necronomicon Exclusive Report: Why Do So Many on the Path of Self-Initiation Become Victims of Spiritual Drug Addiction?

  1. This is an awesome post, Brother! It promotes self-examination. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Barren Savant says:

    Most will deal with this a little bit at some juncture as we work through our ego tendencies. Those who get trapped in this are not bad nor stupid and should not feel guilty, there’s just some things to be make conscious of. Also, self initiation is absoltely a way to gnosis, it is bull crap to say it cannot produce gnosis. There are possible pitfalls like any path, but with awareness and self honesty one need not worry.

    1. Like I said in the article self-initiation is a beautiful way to attune to the gnosis.

  3. Barren Savant says:

    My bad, Warlock!

  4. I believe sir the reason many in the occult current become addicts or unlock that force within them is due to the black or current of decay in that the higher powers brought low within the practicioner has an adverse effect working to hasten decay. Now then this couldl be because of imbalance in the individual or as i have found it to be sometimes these higher reverberations cause the lower to disipate or start to unravel causing the decay, this isnt necessarily a bad thing but something that comes from working with higher vibrations. this is akin to the difference between a 9 volt and a 220 normally we are at a 9 volt batterry state of harmony but when working with occult forces we can gradually increase voltage or subject ourselves to higher volts due to what is referred to as orgasmic chemistry that if it feels good it must be right unaware of what we are truly tapping into. then we are led to the final reason some beings can not harness the natural alchemical process of decay that occurs with the many workings to bring us into new worlds and out of the old worn out ones that have ruled us. In thisinstance it brought nothing out of us that wasnt already there. Peace and blessings my brothers.

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