History reveals music’s integral role in both religion and our spiritual beliefs and practices. Rev. Peter Unger, a lifelong musician, and singer can often be found using his talent as a tool to inspire others. As a man of the cloth, Rev. Unger will sometimes replace a sermon for a song in order to reach his congregation.

Originally from New England, Rev. Unger has always put his best foot forward in life. He is a graduate of Goddard College and would later receive a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. Today, Unger engages in his ministry and teaches philosophy part-time. His love for people is unprecedented and serves as a catalyst for his work as a musician. This can be heard in his latest track, Sounds of Christmas.

Sounds of Christmas from the Song of Grace album.


Sounds of Christmas appears on Rev. Unger’s Songs of Grace album. This labor of love heralds a time of preparation for the upcoming holidays. It’s a song that opens you up for that special time of year regardless of your faith. What I find attractive about Rev. Unger’s approach is that it is non-judgemental and this is the route he takes on Sounds of Christmas.This tune opens up with a fabulous acoustic guitar overlay. Coupled with Rev. Unger’s clear and melodic voice, which is somewhat reminiscent of John Denver, Sounds of Christmas sets the tone of goodwill towards all men that is rarely seen in today’s music industry.


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