L-R - Trevor Bowman (Bass/Backing Vocals) | Kyle Wilton (Guitar/Lead Vocals) | Jason Nicoll (Drums/Backing Vocals) Photo Credit - Cristina Nikolic (KIT Photography)

Excuses Excuses is the name of a new punk rock trio that has taken the pledge of honesty by creating good music that discusses real issues occurring in their lives. The group has made no excuses in delivering one of the best albums of the year with their new release, entitled, Frame of Mind. This is real rock n’roll and possibly the generation gap breaker that punk rockers have looked for over the past two decades.

L-R - Trevor Bowman (Bass/Backing Vocals) | Kyle Wilton (Guitar/Lead Vocals) | Jason Nicoll (Drums/Backing Vocals) Photo Credit - Cristina Nikolic (KIT Photography)
Left to Right: Trevor Bowman (Bass/Backing Vocals) | Kyle Wilton (Guitar/Lead Vocals) | Jason Nicoll (Drums/Backing Vocals)
Photo Credit – Cristina Nikolic (KIT Photography)

The Excuses Excuses band hails from the Oshawa section of Ontario, Canada. The chemistry between the band members is evidenced in the tightness of their sound. This is one of the things that will grab the attention of listeners immediately. The trio consists of Kyle (vocals, guitar, ex-Stained Glass Army), Trevor (bass, ex-Stained Glass Army), and Jay (drums) write thoughtful anthems. Not only is the Excuses Excuses sound ahead of its time, but the musical production is a worthy treasure chest that stretches the imagination from the times of Pink Floyd to Green Day.

The Frame of Mind Ep enters the Punk Rock genre with a nostalgic approach for a sure earful of success. This first release consists of five great songs performed and written by Excuses Excuses, with production by Excuses Excuses and Sam Guaiana- quite impressive.

The first track on the ep, The Outsider, is a perfect leadoff song. It’s insightful lyrics and guitar play make for a great introduction into the world of Excuses Excuses and the effort put into this project overall. These guys are serious musicians by any standards.

Alibis, the second track on the Ep, is not only the suburban anchor driving track needed to let you know that you got your money’s worth, but the song that lets you know its time to pick up the phone and call all your friends to let them know about this album. The guitar solo on this puts this track over the top. I must have rewinded this song about three times before moving to the next track. The craftsmanship of Alibis is like the gears of a well-made watch.

The echoing guitar, lead vocal, and well-placed harmonies at the start of Rewind! makes for a psychedelic punk fusion – unique to the Excuses Excuses sound. The lyrics of this song is pretty deep, but fits in the groove comfortably. You’ll get it when you can’t get the hook out of your head. Rewind!

Frame of Mind is the fourth track and the title song of the Ep. This song shows off the band’s skill as musicians and also their range of production. After listening to this song, I wouldn’t be surprised if Excuses Excuses vested time in producing other acts while establishing their own brand.

(Is Thar) What You Meant is the fifth and final track of the Frame of Mind Ep. This song is a perfect teaser that is sure to keep Excuses Excuses on the minds of new and old listeners alike. Its a song that follows the Excuses Excuses formula, bit adds a bright and inspirational ending to fulfilling ones dreams.

Excuses Excuses made my day! I was impressed in that the album has the feel of a genre-breaker and it serve as  the calling card of an iconic group. I’m giving the Frame of Mind Ep by Excuses Excuses five out of five stars! This is a classic album that should by a part of every rockers collection.

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