Entrepreneur and former cyclist, Pavel Stuchlik, is making a career in music. Under the artist name NOA|AON, Stuchlik is creating a movement out of making music that can change the lives of humanity. NOA/AON defines itself as “producing transformative music that sits on the perception of reflection, that is, NOA | AON. NOA translates to freedom and movement. AON is the reflection of NOA and encourages an “All Or Nothing” approach to life. You either do or you do not. There is no middle road. NOA|AON is full freedom, full movement, complete and total transformation. There is only one choice, NOA|AON.”

NOA AON a.k.a. Pavel Stuchlik is making transformative music a career move.

Workout Mix 60 is one of the first offerings of NOA|AON. It is a refreshing EP that is reminiscent of deep house music with a brighter edge. Dance music enthusiasts will find Workout Mix 60 somewhat of an innovative achievement in dance music. NOA|AON has produced something that feels natural and organic. Workout Mix 60 closes a generation gap between dance music crowds and expresses the freedom and joys that were once exclusive to the underground. NOA|AON is the only choice.



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