When it comes to self-determination and the confidence to share your talents that can help improve the lives of others, it doesn’t get much better than UK singer and songwriter Archie Xn Trick. After spending time at open mics and other venues, even winning ‘Most Original Song’ at the O2 Indigo London, Archie Xn Trick steps to the fore with his debut single, My Darling.


My Darling, written by Archie Xn Trick and Christina John, is a vibrant tune that features Archie’s inventive sound. and reveals some of his hip hop roots. My Darling owes its theme to the honest struggle of a man trying to meet up to his lover’s standards. Archie Xn Trick delivers an awesome vocal full of prose and sincere harmonies that is a sure delight to listeners of the track. His debut single, My Darling, is a breath of fresh air for music lovers that seek to find a new vein of originality.

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