Singer and songwriter Brice Sedgwick is back on beat again. Many of our regular subscribers may remember my review of Sedgwick’s timely classic Pacifico back in 2017. Now in 2018 Sedgwick is ready to release his latest offering entitled Venice.

Venice is a 5-track EP with strong overtones of both folk and soul music. Sedgwick has weaved together an organic masterpiece. Listeners will be delighted to discover that Venice is equally matched with Sedgwick’s ambition of being a great musician.

The EP opens with the track Boys Don’t Cry. This is a very touching song that delves into the subject of how we men express ourselves. Musically, Boys Don’t Cry is a very compelling track with surreal instrumentation and strong hits of electric surf guitar that provides an excellent backdrop for the song’s theme. Symmetry follows next. Symmetry is a really groovy Timbaland throwback dance track. Sedgwick’s vocal performance is mind-blowing, and the harmonies very reminiscent of The Beach Boys.

Mondays Aren’t Blue in California is an immediate favorite. The track begins with an enchanting drum pattern. This is further enhanced by a nice guitar rhythm and Sedgwick’s signature sound as a singer. Neighborhood Scenes provides the perfect bassline, splatter of restless organ and tempo for head-nod mode. The final track on the EP is the title track Venice. Sedgwick is able to encourage listeners to delve deep within their hearts, as he reminisces about the realization of true love and losing it on Venice Beach, California.

Overall, Venice is a timeless classic. Each track on the Venice EP is a sparkling gem of an even greater treasure chest. Brice Sedgwick’s vision continues to perfect itself over and over again.




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