The craftsmanship and musical ingenuity of Ravenscroft is enough to leave audiences speechless. Consisting of members Ralph Buso (Vocals), Brett Gorke (Guitars), Devin Baker (Bass), and Pat Magrath (Drums), the California-based Ravenscroft have developed a nostalgic sound by their fusion of several rock genre styles including, alternative, blues, hard rock, heavy metal, psychedelic, and so much more. Ravenscroft’s inventiveness is further enhanced by the band’s hard work ethic and raw energy. This is rock music in its purest form. The group’s new EP titled Rebel is a solid testimony of the Ravenscroft’s musical capabilities.


Rebel is an EP consisting of six hard-hitting tracks. The energy behind the music is tremendous. The Rebel EP comes with no disappointments. The EP begins with the song Denomination. As a perfect opener for what is about to follow, Denomination hits the nail on the head with its instrumentation and production. The track starts with heavy drums and a funky guitar riff. Lead singer Ralph Buso offers a superb performance.

Jaded is the second track on the EP and a perfect song for rock-thirsty music enthusiasts. Truly, one of the EP”S gems, Jaded is not only impressive musically, but also in its lyricism and theme. Jaded is brilliant in that it provides the perspective of a man passionately in love with a woman, a subject not often discussed. Jaded’s lyrics are easy to follow and project a movie on the mind. Jaded is an easy favorite.

My Dearest One is another love song with a different approach a slightly approach. MY Dearest One opens with an acoustic guitar as its lead instrument. In head-bobbing fashion, My Dearest One offers listeners and opportunity to really hear how tight Ravenscroft is as a band. The second half of My Dearest One broadens into a full landscape of hard edge, but melodic rock music.

Rebel’s title track follows the high energy of the band and draws much influence from the days when rock groups sought to build rock orchestras. Rebel is every bit as free as its meaning. Stand Up is the next track and an anthem for Ravenscroft fans and rock purists alike. The lead guitar and band’s video for the song is killer. Rebel concludes with the track The Chase, a tremendous song with an otherworldly melody. While The Chase may be guitar-heavy, its rhythm encompasses bluesy riffs and bass driven percussion.

Rebel by Ravenscroft is a masterpiece! The EP’s continuity and song structure is flawless. Rebel actually puts Ravenscroft on the road of being a household name. The Rebel EP is so much more than what fans and listeners could ever expect, Ravenscroft’s latest effort is the copyright of perfection.

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  2. Oh wow they sound amazing!!!

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