Based out of Berlin, world-renowned songwriter and violinist Miky Anton startles audiences once again with his new single Childish. Originally from Bucharest, Anton’s long-standing passion for violin can be traced back to his childhood when he began formal violin training at the tender age of five years. Anton ‘s career would later blossom leading him to win several international competitions, which later gave birth to jobs as a soloist in Austria, Spain, France, Romania, Russia, and Germany. He toured both India and Africa from 2010 to 2012.

Miky Anton’s symphonious charm continues to shine with Childish. This festive pop tune is an instant hit and reached “Top 10” status on Amazon. Anton creative measures give his violin the voice needed to provide a spectacular tale through instrumentation that touches the small child inside each of us. Delightfully, Childish casts a mood of happiness that is consistent with the track’s overall theme. Childish vibrant is birthed from a rich musical landscape that is cultivated by supported by a moving bassline and large than life percussion. Childish by Miky Anton is truly a playground for the soul.

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