Founded by Croatian songwriter and composer Josip Pešut, Through Infinity is a multinational rock/electronica group that is turning into a growing phenomenon. Through Infinity really takes pride in their sound. The band consists of core members Josip Pešut (guitars and electronics), Tomo Bačurin (keyboards), Tomislav Lacković (bassist), Damir Šomen (drums). Additional members include Antony Reynaert (guitarist), Safiudin Alimoski (kaval and guitars) and his daughter Đulijana Alimoski (flute). Through Infinity is able to build a worldwide following due to the diversity of the group’s membership. Their debut album The Life provides a clear vision of Through Infinity’s musical capability.

The Life is an album consisting of eleven mind-bending instrumental tracks. This is truly an amazing production filled with an array of exotic instrumentation that evolves into its own genre. The Life took nearly eight years to create. Remarkably, Through Infinity’s organic approach to musical prose has finally paid of in this wonderful presentation.

The Life begins with the opening track Try To Find The Hope. This composition starts off with a bright keyboard lead that evolves into an upbeat adventure. With hints of a new age sound, Try To Find The Hope is definitely an appropriate opener for the album.

Through Infinity does a marvelous job in letting the voice of the instruments speak in eloquent conversation. Sight of An Eagle is a prime example of this. The lead guitar sings loudly in its dialogue with the piano. Sight of An Eagle is a beautiful song that will surely warm the hearts of listener.

Freedom begins with a dark keyboard riff that opens into a magical pathworking. One thing that is enjoyable about this album is its relentless inspirational sounds. Freedom paints the mental picture of a journey within.

The album’s title track comes with an additional rendition. First, The Life puts the audience in the mode of the metropolitan. Its sound builds off of an industrial opening. The Life (Diamond’s Rendition) is an entirely different composition that brandishes sophisticated piano throughout the entire tune. Both tracks are as clever as they are seductive.

Aural Spectrum is another treasure chest of sound. Through Infinity is able to create a nice funky groove that has a certain amount of free space. This is not only evident in Aural Spectrum, but its succeeding track Eliza. A somewhat jazzy approach to a love song, Eliza builds around a romantic landscape that is an oasis in itself.

Our Feeling delves into the realms of electro-pop. Our Feeling tells a story through guitar, one that listeners can feel. Yet, its placement on the album works as a build up for the track that follows, Shine. Distinct from much of the album’s catalogue, Shine stand out because of its cynical quality. Truly, another album gem.

Godly Energy is in a dimension by itself. It’s strong approach and multiple layers of production make it an intense journey. The Life concludes with the psychedelic Holy Streams. With the flute as its lead, Holy Streams is a beautiful piece that possesses a bit of enchantment.

The Life by Through Infinity deserves a standing ovation. Every track on the album is a chapter in a musical text. While The Life is entertaining, its artistic value is priceless!

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