Widely celebrated for his musical adroitness, Japanese EDM producer Kei Kohara continues to evolve since releasing his first dance track “Midnight-express” over a decade ago. Kei Kohara’s rhythmic pilgrimage has expanded to include film and television, reaching iTunes’ top ten, working with large record companies, an appearances in news media. Kohara maintains his relevancy on the global dance scene with the release of his latest single Placement feat. Loves Trap, a sure delight to his devotees and music enthusiasts worldwide.

Placement is an electrifying track with an intoxicating drum pattern and vibrant synth sounds. Kohara successfully captures the vibe of festival in dance with Placement. This dance composition has an inspirational sound that is a generational bridge for devotees of house music. Loves Trap provides an amazing rap/sing vocal to add some urban seasoning to a delicious production. Listeners will find Placement by Kei Kohara to be the catalyst behind rewind button addiction. This is something to truly celebrate.

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