As a true Renaissance man of our modern era, Video 4.0 takes pride in offering the best in everything that he does. Not only is Video 4.0 an author, but a producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter. Known for his realistic and practical lyricism, Video 4.0 has built a loyal following by just being his own man. His latest offering The Musik Lies has something for everyone.

The Musik Lies is a full-length effort. With a total of eleven tracks, Video 4.0 represents his hometown of Miami, Florida to the fullest. This is a world event with some amazing lyricism. The album opens with the titled track The Music Lies. Video 4.0 provides us with some bars for the rewind-button extremists, vowing never to sell his soul to gain success.

Video 4.0’s verbal content gives The Musik Lies great continuity. He has a witty rap style that is sure to capture listeners’ attention. His message is open to people of all walks of life, but especially those who embrace intelligence. Ain’t She Bad reveals some of the various flows that Video 4.0 successfully is able to demonstrate on the album. Look At Myface is an easy favorite for those who love the realistic braggadocios pedigree of lyricism. Bad Blood is another album gem that Video 4.0 is sure to break bread with the legends of the game..

The Musik Lies is a treasure chest that rap purists will enjoy. Video 4.0 has an original approach to music that is entertaining in as much as it is captivating. The Musik Lies is a full cinematic journey that introduces us to a wide range of experiences, some funny and some too real to contemplate. Video 4.0 has produced a winner with The Musik Lies.

The Musik Lies

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