The Man of the Meadows by Vulcan Cicada

Vulcan Cicada has something magical brewing in his musical treasure chest. Known to have recorded music under various names, The Man of the Meadows EP is the latest offering from a young man who now identifies himself as Vulcan Cicada. Despite the artist’s mysterious demeanor, The Man of the Meadows EP is receiving a lot of attention from the local press and music critics. This is definitely a project that you do not want to miss.

The Man of the Meadows is produced by D.Ni.L, a rapper and producer from the UK. The EP is composed of five songs that flirts with several genres, including classic rock, folk, hip-hop, and psychedelic rock. One thing that I really enjoyed about this EP is its versatility. There is nothing that sounds the same on The Man of the Meadows.

The EP opens with the folk-rock orientated titled track, The Man of the Meadows. Everything about this song is right. As it proves to be one of the EP’s gems, Vulcan Cicada takes us on a tour that offers a glimpse of our inner psychology versus the outer world. Angel possesses a nice drum pattern and some transcendent keyboarding. The Vulcan Cicada provides us with an excellent vocalization that is really daring but fits the rack very well.

Nacht is a really delightful tune that turns out to be a witty ballad. The fourth track on the EP, Pinball has a rugged feel and a 70’s rock sound. The energy behind the song is really commendable. She Was Here is the EP’s concluding track. This song is a lot of fun and contains elements of 80’s pop. She Was Here carries the theme of man’s excitement that the lady of his dreams came to visit him. Vulcan Cicada is so in-character to the track’s theme that we forget that we are listening to the music and not watching it on film.

The Man of the Meadows EP by Vulcan Cicada turns out to be a winner both musically and lyrically. The EP’s hazy, yet intricate production has cultivated a sound integral to the classic era of two generations. Listeners will find this musical collective a must have. For more info, please visit:

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