Lisa Bonet thanks for being you.

How could you forget the 1980’s? Smile for the camera! Step on set where nine out of ten Cosby Kids want to have sex with you. Lisa Bonet you would have been the first Angelina Jolie, the first Zoe Saldana if it were not for your television dad’s overprotectiveness and blatant jealousy.. I apologize because we were led to believe that you got kicked off the Cosby Show due to a sex scene in a movie, Not recognizing a young woman’s Angel Heart, reflecting back on the moment with a porkless attitude always. Who in their right minds would want to wake up in someone’s bed without knowing how they got there? Let alone to open your eyes from sleep and see a nude television dad quivering in jello “jello-brand” pudding that’s filled with aphrodisiacs for the new age sexual multi-culturalist.

lisa bonet
Lisa Bonet thanks for being you.

Not only did Dr. Huxtable attempt to shut down your career, but also opposed your marriage to Lenny Kravitz, while living like a savage behind closed doors. Comedy is the greatest form of black magic because laughter is interpreted as an orgasm in the world of the subconscious mind. Having a number one comedy show for ten years is equivalent to the applause Abella Danger receives without wearing lipstick. Trust me Lisa Bonet, the only reason why this gyneocologist with a joker’s mask even got a pass from the hood for so long was because of his Channel Thirteen gospel songs.

In conclusion, I’m just happy that you held on to being you. Although you had to bear the title of being the black sheep of the Huxtable Family your name can finally be vindicated. Perhaps, the blocks placed in your career by Dr. Huxtable will now be removed. Thank You for being you!


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