Hip Hop artist and producer Ace Drucci released his debut album The Hustle on Friday, May 18th, 2018. The album is released through Universal Music Group in the United States and Warner Music overseas. It is available on all download and streaming sites. The Hustle features artists Dash Calzado (Warner Music), Makavis Wulf, Xora Lou and Black Woodson.

Originally from Washington, D. C., Ace Drucci’s love for music began as a youth. At the age of 15, the young musician played in various bands in and around the DC Metro area. As a producer, Ace Drucci has worked with music legends like 2 Chainz, Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo, Yo Gotti and a few others. His love for music, coupled with a lifetime experience in developing his craft, is the ingredients that make The Hustle a spectacular album.

The Hustle album is a real smorgasbord of some of the finest music that the rap world has to offer. Not only is The Hustle an impressive debut, but possesses an incredible inventiveness that brandishes Ace Drucci’s musical and genius. The Hustle opens its cinematic journey with the tantalizing track Put That Thing On Me, a strong album gem and charmer that works well in demonstrating Ace Drucci’s flawless flow. However, The Hustle’s theme covers more than just the party. Tracks like Twenty Stacks, Frankie Lymon, and Think About It are well-versed poetic lectures of life in the streets. The Hustle has something for everyone and is backed with some incredible production. The Hustle by Ace Drucci is a true masterpiece!

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