Musically, when it comes to industriousness and a solid work ethic, there’s no one better than producer and rap artist Ace Drucci. Different from many other rap artists in the hip hop arena, music is not just a numbers’ game to Ace Drucci, the talented mogul is in love with what he is doing and the quality of his work is a testimony in itself. I had the blessed opportunity of getting familiar with Ace Drucci’s work during my review of his album titled The Hustle. Drucci steps back up to the plate with his new single Bluefacez (feat. Gotti Monroe). 

Bluefacez is a bangin single that perfectly demonstrates Ace Drucci’s gifted musical expertise. The track has an incredible beat that will put any listener in the clouds of reality while driving down the road called skies the limit. Bluefacez has an exotic vibe with hazy overtones. Drucci’s impeccable flow coupled with the song’s awesome production is like a match made in heaven. Drucci’s cinematic bars follow the perfected landscape of this sonic groove with precision. As the Barry White of luxurious bravado, Drucci takes us on a ride of getting money.

Gotti Monroe brings some added spice-n-verse to this well-orchestrated groove. As an artist, Monroe is a fierce visionary and first generation Nigerian based out of Washington D.C. She holds her own with a touch of “diva-hood” laden in her wordplay that adds another perspective to an already brilliant rap song. Ace Drucci’s Bluefacez is a masterpiece and successfully captures today’s struggle.

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