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The Absolute Loss of Hope by Gregoroth

Originally from Australia, Gregoroth is an exceptional musician, sound engineer, and graphic designer. Gregoroth’s catalog of music is quite impressive but is not limited to his own compositions. In recent years, he has worked in helping other musical acts reach their dreams of putting together and releasing an incomparable song or album. Gregoroth has built his own signature style that centers on epic and orchestral music, where he is able to incorporate various elements from a multiplex of genres into his work, anything from pop to metal of which he is well acquainted. His newest release The Absolute Loss of Hope album is a tremendous offering that reveals Gregoroth’s inventiveness as a composer, musician, and producer.

The Absolute Loss of Hope is a cinematic full plate of some of the finest orchestral music that is available. Comprised of thirteen intensely entertaining tracks, The Absolute Loss of Hope album is set for release this upcoming Friday, June 1st, 2018. If you believe in good music for the modern era then this album holds no disappointments. The Absolute Loss of Hope opens with its title track that is nothing less than a masterful display of Gregoroth’s creativity. While this album is true to the traditional standards set forth in the music of this genre, Gregoroth let the guitar-heavy state of mind enter his imaginings for the delight of all. Tracks like Challenger, Into The Canals, and Highland Malt are sure to have listeners on the edge of their seats interpreting musical sentences as visual scenes cast by Gregoroth. The Absolute Loss of Hope is a stride in perfection for all to see.

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