The uncompromising genius of Steve Zanadon is an ever-unfolding dream. The Los Angeles-based composer, music producer, and songwriter has made some impressive strides since entering the music world. Zanadon received nine Commended Entry Awards in the U.K. Songwriting Contest 2016 and his musical genius continues to unravel with the release of the debut EP entitled Moments.

Moments is composed of five savory instrumental tracks that delve deep into the realms of the easy listening musical genre. Zanadon does a tremendous job in building the mood of every composition with a clever symphonic landscape. The craftsmanship of each track is something that can be enjoyed by young and old, as Moments has a strong universal appeal that listeners will immediately ascertain.


The EP opens with the title track Moments. Zanadon provides a full plate of instrumentation exotica. The track’s xylophone lead is intriguing and acts as the guiding voice in this masterful conversation of rhythm that includes sprinkles of keyboard charm. Moments has a refreshing presentation that is entertainingly bright and inspiring.

Eternal is the second track on the Moments EP. While still remaining within the borders of easy listening, Eternal courts dialogue with elements of calypso and jazz. I found this composition’s drumming to be very impressive. Eternal builds its intoxicating sound by some spectacular horn sounds against a well-woven acoustic backdrop.

The complexity of the track Emotion is very admirable. Emotion’s song structure is attractive and insightful, as it proves to be one revelation of many that are effective in wielding Zanadon’s skill as a producer. The track has an exceptional break that opens the gate for a pleasant guitar riff along with sunny keyboard sentences.

Filled with a warm sense of enchantment, the track Salsa is an inventive piece that adds to the EP’s continuity and persona. Of course, the name of this composition reveals its influence and musical characteristics that embrace elements of salsa music in the post-modern era. Salsa possesses some great surprises, including the use of electric piano. It’s one of my favorite tracks on the Moments EP.

Zanadon concludes the Moments EP with Dreamers. The track’s guitar lead and xylophone compliment each other very well. Dreamers is perfect in its structure and execution. Listeners will find this track an atmospheric winding down to a great body of work.

The Moments EP by Steve Zanadon is a remarkable contribution to the world of music and human society. The musical ingenuity of Steve Zanadon cannot be denied. In the literal sense of the phrase, Moments is a good example of the wisdom we can learn when we let the music speak for itself.

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