Originally from Sydney, Australia, singer and songwriter Peter Senior makes falling in love with a beautiful automobile sound so good. Senior grew up in a musical family. The seeds of his upbringing began to take root when the youthful instrumentalist began performing on stage shortly before graduating high school. Since this time Senior has developed greatly as a musician and performing artist. His symphonious range of work encompasses several genres, including country, jazz, classic to progressive rock, pop, and soul music. Senior’s new song Cool Ride is all about adoration for nice cars.

Cool Ride is the featured track from Peter Senior’s debut album On the Edge. Listeners are immediately swept off their feet by the song’s inventiveness and charming structure. Senior is able to weave together an enchanting tune by use of piano, captivating drums, and engaging horns. Cool Ride’s bright presentation and organic sound are inviting and a testimony to Senior’s harmonic genius. The fanciful lyricism of this alluring pop hymn puts the icing on the cake. Cool Ride is sure to keep Peter Senior on the road of success.

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