Black Bear Whisper has an irresistible sound that is charmingly seductive. Comprised of Danish songstress Kat Boelskov and multi-instrumentalist/producer Un Famed, Black Bear Whisper is literally a collaboration between the heart, mind, and other intangible musings as this talented duo have never had a physical conversation. The group communicates through correspondence and have only worked together at a distance. Despite the group’s peculiar origins, Black Bear Whisper’s musical proficiency is incredible.

Black Bear Whisper’s debut offering titled Exit The Dragon is an electrofusion of sleek ingenuity and creativeness. The track opens with a funky santur riff, which works well in adding to the song’s world music appeal. As the beat drops, a delightful arrangement filled with electronic orchestration provides the perfect podium for Kat Boelskov’s enchanting voice and backing harmonies. The song’s theme seems to carry the imagery of a diva, who is fixated on setting the pace of romance and eroticism anyway she chooses. Exit The Dragon is contagiously charming and a telltale sign that Black Bear Whisper has a lot more things to say in the future.


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