Originating from Fayetteville, Arkansas, The Inner Party is one musical outfit that abides by the law of originality. The Inner Party’s inventiveness centers around the conjoined songwriting talents of group members Keith Miller (guitar, vocals) and Dave Morris (bass, vocals), with some very timely contributions offered by members Bob Gaiser (keyboards, vocals), Sean Johnson (guitars, vocals), and Jacob Arnold (drums, vocals). The group’s style exceeds the expectations of genres, as their sound is often revered as punk music’s melting pot. The Inner Party’s latest single titled Stay Together for the Cats, which features the artistic brilliance of songstress Erin Poppy, embodies much of the band’s persona and melodious ingenuity.

Stay Together for the Cats is a pleasant step into the symphonious world of anything goes to get it right. If you are a cat lover then this is the next best thing to paradise. The Inner Party has created a compelling masterpiece that is built from a foundation of organic instrumentation and clever song structure. The track’s elements of folk, psychedelic rock, and punk add to the timelessness of this nostalgic tune. Erin Poppy’s superb vocal performance, which is slightly reminiscent of the legendary Carole King, works well in creating a narrative bridge between The Inner Party’s audience and the band itself. Stay Together for the Cats is one pet in action that music enthusiasts wouldn’t want to miss!

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